Basis Peak goes on sale Stateside: Coming to UK next month

The hybrid watch is on sale now in the US, coming to the UK in mid-December
Basis Peak SportVent Collection
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The Basis Peak has finally gone on sale in the US, and is available on Amazon for $199.

The sports watch features state-of-the-art optical heart rate monitoring and doubles as a smartwatch, offering notifications on the wrist - once the first firmware update lands in December, that is.

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Basis was bought by Intel in March 2014, and this is the first product to be born from the marriage. Basis’ last product the Basis B1 Band was critically acclaimed for its tracking prowess, yet failed to ignite consumer passions with its rather drab looks.

The quality of heart rate tracking is a large part of the Basis Peak's proposition and in an exclusive interview with Wareable, Product VP Ethan Fassett told us the key focus of the Basis Peak was the heart rate tracking.

“Cardiovascular insights are fundamental to understanding exertion, so that’s where we focused,” said Fassett.

"With accurate sensors we can help overcome problems like indoor cycling, which is nearly impossible to track using motion sensors, because on the surface it appears you’re doing next to nothing. With Peak we can triage that and give you correct information about your calorie burn.”

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Along with the announcement of the Peak’s availability, Basis has also revealed that its watch will pair with third party apps such as Strava and RunKeeper. There’s no GPS built into the Peak, which is an oversight, so the addition of heart rate streaming will be a plus for runners and cyclists, although it does mean taking your smartphone out with you.

The Basis Peak is now available to US consumers through Amazon for $199, and comes in matte black with black and red silicone straps or brushed metal with a white and grey strap.

It will go on sale in the UK for £169 in “mid-December” with a line of straps and accessories to follow.

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