Ticwatch C2+ is another incredibly minor upgrade from Mobvoi

RAM boosted but still runs on dated tech
Ticwatch C2+ adds RAM and nothing else
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Mobvoi has unveiled the Ticwatch C2+ smartwatch, with an improved spec sheet geared to better performance.

The new Ticwatch C2+ gets 1GB of RAM, doubled from the Ticwatch C2’s 512MB, bringing it in-line with the latest Wear OS devices.

This should make the Ticwatch C2 snappier to navigate and use, boosting memory for multitasking and the Wear OS operating system.

Other than the boosted RAM there are no other changes to the specs and the C2+ also retains the same build and design as the original C2.

That means the C2+ boasts the same specs as 2018’s C2, which means a Wear 2100 processor, which lags way behind the latest crop of Wear OS devices. We’re not sure why Mobvoi would up the RAM only to leave the rest untouched – but here we are.

It also features build in GPS, a 400mAh battery offering single day battery life and a 1.3-inch AMOLED screen with a 360 x 360 resolution.

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This is a similar story to the Ticwatch Pro 2020 that was released earlier this year, again with 1GB of RAM but little else new on the spec sheet.

The Ticwatch C2+ also features exactly the same design.

And it retains the same rose gold, black and silver versions of the C2+ and the company offers black silicone and leather strap options.

And the Ticwatch C2+ is still decent value at $209.99, although as the likes of the Huawei Watch GT2e and Amazfit GTS offer big specs at low prices, the value of the Ticwatch C2+ as a budget smartwatch is being tested like never before.