Best smartwatch 2017: Apple, Samsung, Sony, Garmin, Pebble, Tag and more

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The best smartwatches in the world

Choosing the best smartwatch is tougher than ever in 2017, given the breadth of designs and models out there. With Samsung and Apple innovating, and a strong field of Android Wear watches from big brands like Polar, Fossil, Nixon and Casio, there's never been a better time to buy a smartwatch.

We've completely overhauled our top smartwatches guide to try and help you make the right decision on exactly what smartwatch you should buy in 2017.

New smartwatches incoming 2017

Best smartwatch 2017: Apple, Pebble, Samsung, Sony, Garmin, Tag and more

Before you crack on with our guide on the best smartwatches on sale right now detailed below, you need to know that there are a load of cool new smartwatch models incoming from a range of brands.

The most notable smartwatches that are yet to hit the shops are (deep breath)... the Casio Pro Trek Smart WSD-F20, the New Balance RunIQ (pictured above), the Misfit Vapor, the LG Watch Sport and Watch Style, the Tag Heuer Connected 2, and both ZTE and Swarovski have Android Wear watches coming soon.

So, if you fancy the sound of one of those, hold-fire for a while. If not, read on for our top picks of the best smartwatches you can get now.

Best overall smartwatch

Apple Watch Series 2

Best smartwatch 2017

With the Series 2 Apple has shifted the focus to health and fitness, adding GPS to the mix for accurate run tracking without needing to carry your iPhone around. The Series 2 is also waterproof and offers an array of swim tracking and metrics. Apple has also introduced a new Breathe app to help you relax. The objective is clear: Apple is making a big play for sports watch owners.

With watchOS 3, Apple is also looking to right the wrongs of its predecessor, improving the way you interact with the Series 2 on a daily basis, offering better third-party app support and more.

Is the Apple Watch Series 2 the perfect smartwatch? No. But it makes a much more compelling argument than any that have come before it.

Take a look at our comprehensive Apple Watch Series 2 review.

From $369, | Amazon

Best Android Wear smartwatch

Huawei Watch

top smartwatch best smartwatches

The stunning AMOLED display on Huawei's Android Wear debutant is a 1.4-inch, 400 x 400, one with a 286ppi count – the highest density on an Android Wear smartwatch so far – and there's no annoying flat tyre either. The screen is made all the more impressive thanks to a 10,000:1 contrast ratio.

When we first reviewed the Huawei Watch, we called it the slickest looking Android Wear smartwatch but lamented that those looks came at a premium. Fast forward a few months and the price has tumbled and, given it plays nicely with the new Mode interchangeable bands and can run the preview of Wear 2.0, it's now our top pick from Google's stable.

Have a look at our Huawei Watch review.

From $299, | Amazon

Best for Samsung smartphone users

Samsung Gear S3

Best smartwatch 2017: Apple, Pebble, Samsung, Sony, Garmin, Tag and more

It's been just over a year since the Samsung Gear S2 went live, intriguing everyone with its rotating bezel and sporty looking design. And now, Samsung has come up with a duo of sequels in the form of the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. Aside from the obvious differences in design, there's not a great deal of difference between the Gear S3 options, aside from the LTE offering and a small weight difference.

The bezel, the big winner on the S2, has evolved, allowing more functionality than before. Using Nest, for example, you can control the fan, temperature zones and more in different rooms, simply by twisting the bezel. There's also a much larger battery sitting behind the bigger screen, meaning you get about 3-4 days of usage, compared to the usual two days the majority of smartwatches can muster.

Take a look at our Samsung Gear S3 review.

From $349, | Amazon

Best budget smartwatch

Sony SmartWatch 3

best smartwatch

An old choice but a good choice, the Sony SmartWatch 3 has built-in GPS connectivity, which means you can leave your smartphone at home when you go for a run.

The sports styling makes it perfect for a weekend jog, and while the screen is a little dull compared to some of its rivas, the Steel edition adds a touch of class to the smartwatch that we at Wareable agree offers the most bang for your smartwatch buck.

Enjoy our Sony SmartWatch 3 review.

From $159, | Amazon

Best if money's no object

Tag Heuer Connected

best smartwatch

It doesn't take long before you realise this Intel powered Tag smartwatch is the best built, and highest quality, Android Wear device to date. From afar it genuinely looks like a regular Tag Heuer watch – it's only when you get up close that you notice it's quite a bulky beast.

Now available in rose gold, its watch faces are another delightful addition and after two years, you can trade it in for a mechanical Tag watch.

Have a read of our Tag Heuer Connected review.

$1,500, | Amazon

Best for sports

Garmin Vivoactive HR

Best smartwatch 2017: Apple, Pebble, Samsung, Sony, Garmin, Tag and more

This second-gen Garmin smartwatch has the same 24/7 activity tracking and support for smartphone alerts as its predecessor, the Vivoactive. What it adds is Garmin's own Elevate heart rate tracking technology which monitors your HR continuously and gives accurate indications of calorie burn through the day and night. And it's better looking.

There's GPS and dedicated apps for cycling, swimming, running and golf plus support for skiing and paddle boarding too. Connect IQ adds apps while battery life is eight days, 13 hours with GPS.

You can check out our full, in-depth Garmin Vivoactive HR review to see what we made of it.

$219.99,| Amazon

Best for running

Polar M600

Best smartwatch 2017: Apple, Pebble, Samsung, Sony, Garmin, Tag and more

The Polar M600 is very much a Polar running watch first and an Android Wear smartwatch second. Not just because it has the familiar Polar watch faces already loaded but because it strong-arms you into getting Polar Flow up and running on your smartphone almost instantly. There's a physical button that's dedicated to Polar Flow. Your first ever push of it will fire up the app on your phone and, from thereon in, it's your speedy gateway to tracking your runs and workouts.

The GPS run tracking is on the money and the stats and metrics the excellent Flow app provides post-run make it the top smartwatch for runners.

Read our Polar M600 review now.

$329.95, | Amazon

Best for battery life

Vector Luna

When it comes to smartwatch battery life, it doesn't come much longer than the Vector watch. With around 30 days from a single charge, the Vector will out-last most business trips and holidays, meaning you don't have to pack a separate charger for your travels. It's a competent smartwatch with notifications, fitness tracking and a clever way of visualising your day through rings placed around the watch face.

Of course, 30 days of battery doesn't come without sacrifice, and the low-power screen does ruin the aesthetic. We'd also advise looking beyond the basic models for a far more pleasing finish. Fitbit saw enough in the brand to acquire the company.

Have a look at our Vector Luna review.

From $205.99, | Amazon

Best for geeks

Pebble 2

Best smartwatch to buy now

Everything that made the original Pebble brilliant is still on board: that affordable price, an impressive seven-day battery life and both iPhone and Android compatibility.

There are also some serious upgrades to both the software and hardware; the Pebble operating system has come a long way since the days of the cherry red smartwatch, now sitting at Pebble OS 4.0 with thousands more apps under its belt.

Beware though, since Fitbit bought out Pebble, support for existing devices going forward is likely to be limited.

Check out the Wareable verdict in our Pebble 2 review.

$99.99, | Amazon

Best for outdoor action sports

Nixon The Mission

The top smartwatch

Its inclusion on Nixon's surf and skiing smartwatch shows that Android Wear can be more than just another operating system on the wrist. The Mission is an unashamed monster action smartwatch, with the surf and slopes firmly in its sights.

The 48mm case dwarves most Casio G-Shock timepieces and it's every bit as large as the Casio WSD-F10. The rugged design is water-resistant to 10 ATM and is adorned in 316L surgical grade stainless steel. That means you can take it surfing and it will withstand even the most spectacular wipe-out.

Have a read of our Nixon The Mission review for much more info.

$399, | Amazon

Best for Fossil fans

Fossil Q Marshal

Best smartwatch 2017: Apple, Pebble, Samsung, Sony, Garmin, Tag and more

Okay, so having a 'best Fossil smartwatch' may seem a bit niche but, with the hugely popular watch brand promising to launch more than 100 wearables this year alone - and three Android Wear smartwatches already live - we felt we had to pick our favourite.

And it's the Marshal. It's not spectacular - that annoying dead area at the bottom of the screen remains, but it's a great looking smartwatch. Fossil's USP is simple: design, design, design. It is starting with a watch first and working in the technology, rather than vice versa. The Q Marshal is one of – if not the – best looking Android Wear watch out there right now.

Read our full Fossil Q Marshal review for more info.

$295, | Amazon

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Huawei Watch

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  • JoanR says:

    What about keldD?? It's the only one that has complete android and don't need a smartphone to run

    keldD smartwatch

    • OnkelPer says:

      Have you read the hole article?

      In the section about Sony Smartwatch 3 it sayes:
      "built-in GPS connectivity, which means you can leave your smartphone at home when you go for a run" ;-)

      • Erica says:

        I don't think Joan meant "run" as in go for a run.  i think (S)he meant the device is a stand-alone, and doesnt need a phone period. The whole article was great though. :)

    • OnkelPer says:

      Have you read the hole article?

      Both Sony Smartwatch 3 and Garmin Vivoactive has built-in GPS connectivity, which means you can leave your smartphone at home when you go for a run.

      Actually, Apple Watch can do the running by it self, even without GPS, once it has learned the track from a connected iPhone. 


      • speller says:

        he must have missed reading that part in the hole.... 

        or maybe he just ditched it?

        • RWC says:

          Yes, there was a big hole in his "whole!"

        • capnsmoozshaff says:

          When he visits Las Vegas, he stays at The Whole Year Inn

        • bl4k0p2 says:

          I see what you did there

      • ClueGlue says:

        WOW, I am getting an Apple Watch, then I don't need to run, the watch can do it "by it self" but will I still lose the weight ? HEHEHE 

      • ayylmao says:


    • fb_123197 says:

      ok i have a question, i would like a phone watch don't want a cell phone what can replace my cell phone. i have a resound hearing aid blue tooth system so all my phone needs to do is call or text. i have my own as for talking and listening in my hearing aids. i don't use the web on a phone so just talk and text and has to be able to use with verizon. 

      anyone have anything like that.

      • zfkhjsdxf says:


        • Grow-Up says:

          You're an ignorant ass or 12 yrs old--maybe both. There's a good chance the person is older--like your grandparents age--and doesn't want all the features YOU might want, you can roll your eyes and call them stupid (or "gay") all you want. Just because they want something different than you, doesn't mean they're as ignorant as your comment. Grow up, little one.

          • baconator says:

            This must be your first time on the Internet.  Well, welcome, and congratulations on finally making the journey into this brave, new, connected world.  During your time on the line, you may come across comments that you feel are insulting from time to time.  If this happens, don't panic, and keep your emotions in check.  Clearly you're upset, but if you let someone on the line rattle you this much, maybe your're just not ready.  Maybe you should go back to reading books and writing letters and having hour-long conversations on the phone.  Go back to driving yourself to the airport, writing checks, watching cable TV, and jacking it to lingerie catalogs that your mom received in the mail.  It's okay.  You can always try this again in another year or two.  Use the time between now and then to focus on yourself.  Work on building emotional maturity and confidence, get a formal education, or just lighten the fuck up.  Nothing anyone writes in the comment section of a shitty website is worth a second thought, much less an emotional outburst (excluding this message).  The first time I got on the line, I let meaningless words, from people I didn't' know, get to me too.  This was twenty years ago, I was using AOL, and I was years away from being old enough to drive, so you get where I'm coming from.

            • Rexall says:

              "On the line", hanging like, out to dry.. just stfu..lmfao. If you were using AOL I'm sorry.. plainly your into cookie cutter tech or were still hangin' on your mothers teet. AOL was for noobs. Hmm, well I guess that's why 20 years later your still playing "on the line"..omfg.

              • rexallhater says:

                I hate people who obviously have a mental age of 2. Age means we are far wiser than YOU. Go back to ur bottle and stop sucking on the teat of civilised society.  I bet ur in ur 20s still live at home wiv ur mom don't have a job and have no idea about real life. I bet u get drunk every nite to drown the sorrows of ur incredibly sad life. Trolls like u should b dealt with in the appropriate manner. Have dummy or pacifier taken away from u indefinitely. :-)  I meet people like u every day. they always get what's coming to them. I realise I am being incredibly forthright but loud mouthed ........... like u make me sick. Bye rexall hope u enjoy living wiv mom lol lol

            • jthed says:

              I wish I could go back to all that stuff.  That's what smart people do but I got addicted to the internet like an idiot... :(

          • Angels says:

            Good for you ( grow up) took the words right out of my mouth. 

            It's post like that that makes me want to look else,where to get the positive feedback I need!!!

      • Truckinon says:

        there's a new one called dial by will I am don't know if you can use it with Verizon though.

    • steellz says:

      the KeldD is not on the market yet, also its bulky

    • jnsnfl says:

      Not available in the US as of June 2016, so not reviewable.  Good advert though...

    • youngoknow says:

      Have you try SVPRO Speaker Watch?

      SVPRO bluetooth speaker watch that loudly voice, good quality and high capacity rechargeable li-ion battery and 6 led light inside.Convenient to wear and do not need to worry about dropping.

  • timmyR says:

    Olio - compatible with both iOS and Android. It may lack features, focusing on what works and what's most important. They have an interesting perspective, anyone who is considering a smartwatch should check them out.

    • Dgl39pso says:

      Are they trying to hide the flat tyre by turning theturning the screen upside down? Lost interest the moment I saw that.

      • DarkKnight says:

        yes, but at least they incorporated an elegant design to mask it instead of ignoring it like Moto360 and others did.  Would you rather have dead/empty pixel space or something pretty to take its place?  It also depends on your perspective and how meticulous you are: some watch makers just extended the face and lugs to hide it (I'm a wearable geek so I've noticed), others went with rectangular faces to avoid it.  It's a limitation of today's technology... some watches just appear to deal with it better.

  • Rosie says:

    How about QOne? It wasn't mentioned. This smartwatch is said to be standalone. You can make calls without connecting to a smartphone. 

  • Ramzi says:

    Guys keldD is not the only phone that stands alone also gear s stands alone.

    • adjshf says:


    • yogibimbi says:

      as does the LG Urbane 2. And with LTE. If you can get it anywhere... :-D

  • murk616 says:

    I am not so sure if I trust this KeldD company... Their website claims that the product they have created is the "world's only ODSD, or 'Outdoor Digital Standalone Device'..."  Well, the thing is, of COURSE you're going to the be the world's only *anything* if you were the one who created aforementioned category or Title. That's like me making a claim that I am the world's first "Wicked Badass Magical More Human Than Human Upright Walking Biped."

    • DET17 says:

      So you're saying that someone else has to create the title before you create the object and be the first of it? LOL. Pretty sure the first person to label a hybrid engine claimed to be the first to create a hybrid engine, as for every other revolutionary invention. The difference with them and you is that they created a device that differentiates from reliant technology while you followed a lame overused thought process of "let's create a new name for humans by throwing a bunch of relevant scientific words for labeling humans to try to seem intelligent and get people to go 'oh yeah go that guy!' and compare that to how stupid this company is for doing their job of promoting their product."

      • arc says:

        No, his point is that of course they will be the first in their category if their category is a very niche one that they invented. There are many other watches that have cellular capabilities and can work not attached to a smartphone. They've just created some acronym so that they can say that they are the first. His point was that it isn't the first device of that type at all, not some self-marketing effort. 

        The latest iPhone is the world's first Aluminium Encased Cellular iOS Device With 4K (or the world's first AECIDW4 if you like), but it doesn't mean that it's the only smartphone, not the best

  • TheWerewolf says:

    Personally, I think the ZenWatch is more stylish than the Urbane - but I like minimalism and slimness in a watch, so the LG choices all seem big and clunky with too many lumpy bits.

    That being said - I do like the round watch design. I think I'll wait for the Moto 360/2 though.

    • xToddrick says:

      Why do you want a round display on a device that displays data, images, and video?  is your smartphone, table, computer monitor, or television round?  Do you write on round paper?  Round is great for displaying analog time; smartwatches do much more than that.

      • TheGhizzi says:

        With all due respect but this is a pretty rediculous comment. Like the poster you responded to, I also prefer round smart watches. Its about it looking like a style of watch along with certain features, not necessarily about having a picture viewer/ note taker on your wrist.

        I mean. God forbid someone prefers a round watch than rectangular/square one.

        Sheesh. Didn't want to get personal but you're about as asinine as they come.

        • xToddrick says:

          It's about function.  Is your smartphone, television, laptop, tablet, or monitor round?  Analog watches can be round, square, or rectangular and remain very functional.  Making a smartwatch round is very limiting.

          • arc says:

            It's about function for some, looks for others.

            Why do you think Apple's original iPod shuffle sold millions of copies - was it the best MP3 player at the time? No. Was it the cheapest? No. But it looked good, so people bought it. 

          • bl4k0p2 says:

            I have a few square analog watches so... 

            The space is the space.  What you put in the space and how you make use of the space is more important that what shape the space takes.  Efficiency isn't the ONLY metric to be measured here.  I think there is something to be said for taking a different approach.

  • Tampatec says:

    I had , Sony watch connection sucks and moto 360 nice but battery sucks, samsung gear horizontal display sucks,  then got pebble great battery and functional but looks like a toy finally got lg r and urbane watches are great I even went to water park and pool no prob android update makes watch have more options and bubble cloud or mini launcher make navigation a breeze and I store my music on watch and connect bt headset to watch to listen to my mp3 or watch YouTube vids from watch yes with sound . I even did video review on my tampatec youtube channel. 

    • naw says:

      OMG.  Punctuation, dude!!  

  • Saveen says:

    I just read a comment saying that Samsung was way off the mark because of its main USP - having the ability to use the watch as an independant phone with its own sim card....i beg to differ on this ....that is wat a smart watch should be.....the day apple releases its next smart watch iteration with the features that samsung and other smart watches were bashed up for, then all these features will suddenly look cool and be very relevant and then apple will be the 'best watch' all over again...come on people ...when you write a review be unbiased....right now the apple wathc looks good and thats it...there is nothing that it can do to be a mainstream device that a smart watch should be....its a toy for the must haves....bite me !

    • WebsiteGuru says:

      YOu are 100% right ... The reason why Apple users are known as Dummy USers and Zombies is simple .....
      .... j ust like most BIAS critics, to these Zombies, a certain technology is redundant or non-existent until Apple hops on it. Gear 2 has functions far above Apple Watch. I was using Gear 2 .... 3 years ago .... 

      Gear S is far superior than Gear 2. Apple Watch cannot do half the things Gear S does ... None of the watches listed above are close to the functions on Gear S. Gear S is the only TRUE standalone smartwatch made THE leading smartphone maker. With removable straps ranging from leather to colored straps @ $29.99 - $150 ...


      Sad thing is the A GOOD NUMBER OF THE PEOPLE who write these articles are not owners of these gadgets in reality. They just fish for one sided reviews and create more misconception.

      I own Gear 2, Gear S, and LG Urbane. I am getting my Apple Watch soon (in order) for my iPhone 6 Plus. Yet I know that Apple Watch is just fancy. I have read everything on it and RUN real-time simulations on it. THE APPLE WATCH IS LIKE ANY OTHER SMARTWATCH ON THE MARKET .... except the name Apple.

      FYI ---- All smartwatches perform way BELOW the functionality of the Gear S. 
      The real Smartwatch is Gear S.

      But then I bet you this writer is an "Apple Fan Boy" who will find any reason to use only iOS and stick to it religiously.

      Buy the same watches as I have ... you will be surprised at how much of a dummy the Apple watch is .. even though I bought one.

      • bl4k0p2 says:

        The only hit to the Gear S and Gear 2 watches are the connection to the Samsung ecosystem.  It one of the reasons I dont have a Apply Watch.  I hear that you need a samsung phone to get the best features out of the Gear S

  • southsam7 says:

    Apple will always, at least for the near future, have gushing iSheep who will buy anything they make regardless of features or price. 

    I love how the biased author says lg is pricey but not apple! They are the same price!

    • xToddrick says:

      The Apple Watch is the best smartwatch currently available; build quailty, two sizes, and they were smart enough to use a rectangular display as opposed to a round one. Round displays are great for display analog time but not for data, images, and video.

      • HanySaid says:

        umm, actually because Apple is often behind the trend, it is still a rectangular display. Practically everyone started with rectangular, now the trend is round display, and next month Apple's new watch is, yea sorry to disappoint you, ROUND!

        • xToddrick says:

          So are you also hoping for a round smartphone?  And you're right, I would be disappointed if Apple made a round smartwatch.

        • Octobermode says:

          "next month Apple's new watch is, yea sorry to disappoint you, ROUND!"

           Yeahhh gonna need the source for that. Anyways, I'm a massive fan of the more square display, a round display is completely horrid for reading lines of text or anything. The square shape is perfect. I highly doubt Apple will make the next iteration of watches round.

           I'm just hoping they see the value in making watches standalone, able to make calls without connecting to a phone. It would be a massive decision, since it would invalidate iPhones if you don't need the features of a massive phablet. I'd ditch my phone in a millisecond if my watch could replace it. But money's money, and Apple will only do this if it's profitable.

      • McTrollyTroll says:

        Don't be a square Toddy poo.

        • xToddrick says:

          Actually I was being a rectangle, not a square.

      • arc says:

        Um.. You say that the Apple Watch is better because of:

        • build quality - then why does this happen?
        • two sizes - many other watches are available in two sizes. Samsung Gear Fit2 for example
        • Rectangular display - the Asus and Sony watches mentioned above are also rectangular.

        Conversely, it is only iOS compatible (other watches get slated if they're android only), multiple times the price of most other competitors, and, some people dislike the 'thick bulge' design effect it has. Additionally, whilst it may have a rectangular screen, it's OS is designed with round icons and round UI. So that's kinda messed up. 

        So I'm not quite sure how you reached that conclusion.

        • xToddrick says:

          Because the Apple Watch has all those features, not just some of them.

      • _-__ says:

        Stop defending the ugliest looking piece of trash ever. Just because you need to justify why you wasted money on that trash, don't do it to people who know what they're talking about and who aren't brainwashed sheep.

  • helingfeng says:


  • Dave16 says:

    I dont see any mention of the Vector smart watch with its claimed 30 day battery life and watch forst approach?

  • fanning23 says:

    I saw a new smart band CT Band and I m looking forward to it!! It seems that we won't need to change our watch any more, but only the watch strap to get connected!

  • TimCD says:

    No mention here about the BLOCKS modular smartwatch? Looks really exciting and just about to finish on Kickstarter at about 600% of their original target. Potentially very interesting as you can swap and change the modules you need as and when you like. #chooseblocks

  • boagzee says:

    horrible site. banner takes up quarter of browser screen. FAIL.

    • Ianrak0 says:

      idk who you all are needing to look at video and pictures on your fuckin watch. If you don't like a round display then you don't wear watches. Why, after over a hundred years of the watch/clock being invented should it be displayed in a square fashion on your wrist? Ugly

  • naomimendes12 says:

    Hey Guys!! Find top sites offering best deals and attractive discounts on latest smartwatches only at bestsmartwatchoffers .com

    • anaidabasit18 says:

      Great Share! Got the best price for the SmartWatch i was looking for 

  • Ekaye86 says:

    No mention of the Huawei watch, which has the best resolution (400x400), AMOLED screen on the market right now, making it not only elegant and stylish, it is crisp and smooth interface.  Way better than the LG Urbane

  • Barry says:

    Really why not just say they are all good. The LG Urbane is awesome why its so far down the list is unreal. Samsung sucks full stop. Apple looks like a takeoff off the ipod nano watch and a complete design flop and only worth buying if you are a fan of that eco system. And you missed one of the most amazing and next on my shopping list the Karios Hybrid watch.

  • Chimues says:

    waist of time and money ... Sorry guys.! 

    • pere says:

      when you get bored...

    • yogibimbi says:

      some don't even have a waist

  • wildspirit1981 says:

    Seems an interesting list but could you include reviews and feedback on GoClever products? They have 4 different smartwatches with different sensors. Two of them offer a week or more of battery life. If I understood well some of them also have different sensors so that they can independently monitor walking distance ecc. 

    I would be very interested to see how they stand up against the Pebble, the Gear S and others, especially in relation to their fitness monitoring prowess. thanks

  • abs123 says:

    Where's the Huawei Watch, awesome watch..........

  • papasmurph says:

    What is rather opaque is where the actual processing is being made. Making a watch where all app processing is done on the smartphone, and the watch is only used as a user interface, would be very cheap to produce, and it seems several of the listed phones use that method. I'm not saying that's bad, only that e.g. $300 would be a lot for a watch that doesn't do any heavy lifting.

  • jamaludeen says:

    my favourite is 

    Tag Heuer Connected

  • DalalRV says:

    I have two phones with me one Samsung android and one Apole iOS which is the best smart watch as am always on the go... Plus in a fast moving city like Mumbai, India has a lot of smartwatch options but am very confused. Pls help

  • anthoang says:

    I'm actually looking for a new smartwatch with a camera.  I have the Samsung Gear 2 (with the camera).  This is by far the most useful feature on my smartwatch.  Yet, there are no new smartphones with a camera.  What's up with that?

    • JohnnyNumbers says:

      I have been looking for one too!  The only ones I found were cheap chinese ones on Gear Best website.

    • elric says:

      I'm looking for this feature as well.  There are high quality spy camera watches, but it's rare in a smart watch.  I only know of the Padgene and Samsung Gear which host a camera.

  • pere says:

    for battery you did not mention cogito classic, 1 year without charging

  • quepasajohn says:

    I have the pebble time steel with a leather band.  It has been as much of a game changer as buying a smart phone.  It alerts for meeting notices, shows my schedule and meeting locations, get texts, reply to texts with templates or voice translation, timer for cooking or brewing tea, sleep monitor, music controls, buzzes if I forget my phone and leave bluetooth range; I never forget my phone at home, work or anywhere else anymore.  I can make the phone play music from the watch so I can find it in the couch cushions.  The long battery life allows me to use it as an alarm clock, It can't be on your wrist if you charge it at night. It wakes me up without disrupting my spouse who wakes up later. Those are the main features I use, oh and determining the current time and date.  I imagine the other smart watches are also good, but I have no regrets buying the pebble time steel. Mine is paired with a Galaxy S5.  It cannot reply to text when paired with an Apple phone and I had connection problems with a Droid Maxx. 

    • tpeelstand says:

      I love my Pebble Time Steel. I have it paired with my iPhone 6s and it works great. From what I have been reading they are working on getting the reply features to work so users can replay to texts (using either voice or short pre-set messages) from their watch. Currently, only AT&T customers can do this (at least with iPhones I don't know about Andriod phones).

    • DavidCtn says:

      hi bro, I am still in decision making between Pebble 2 which I have to wait until November & Garmin Vivoactive HR. Pebble got into my mind first, then Garmin cos touch screen is available. Could u give me a recommandation? Best!

    • cajintex says:

      You can take Pebble off of this lineup.  They just sold to Fitbit and are saying that those of us that backed them on Kickstarter will not be getting our money refunded until March of 2017....when they took the money from us on June 2016.  I will NEVER do anything with Kickstarter again!!!

  • YourReviewBest says:

    I am so much in love with the Apple Watch. Even though it is a little more expensive than its competitors, it is trustworthy and performs very well with my iphone. 

  • racheldsilva91 says:

    Pebble watches are now on sale only at SmartwatchOffers:com

  • 01503938 says:

    So to give something to Apple, you created a dubious category. Best ios. blah blah idiots.

  • goran says:

    respected , all praise for notification but I want to know where you can buy and how much arrow smartwach ? If you have any information regarding the possible purchase of the hours I would be very grateful

  • Joris says:

    i am missing the watches from Tomtom for example the Tomtom spark ( ) it includes quick gps, built in heart monitor and even a 3Gb storage for music and a 24/7 activity trainer. Plus you can also swim with it and it measures your distance, stroke etc.

  • tpeelstand says:

    I love my Pebble Time Steel. pair very well with my iPhone 6s. No complaints here!

  • Andrewgprice says:

    I've had two iwatches (horrible POS products that sealed my disdain for Apple after using their products since 1981--I'm OUT), two Fitbit watches (solid products) and the Basis Peak (OK product but ugly w terrible software) and have been messing around w smart watches for awhile.  I'm a gadget NERD and fitness and adrenaline junkie.  I've now how two Garmin fenix watches and LOVE 'em.  A little spendy but super rugged, nice looking, tons of features, the fenix3 HR has a built in heart rate monitor and the notifications function is awesome.  Also gives me a barometer, altimeter, built in GPS so I can leave my phone at home, etc.. What blows about it: the Garmin Connect app doesn't talk to Strava and I'm quite sure my HR data and altimeter data are always off.  Sometimes by a fair bit.  But because the watch has OTA updates, I'm hopeful they can upgrade the sensors w software. These watches definitely blow everything else I've seen away.  Battery life is something like 3 days, maybe longer.  Love it.  Hopeful they can dial in Connect a bit more.  

  • comment says:

    Is there any which is not the best.

  • AkshAgarwal says:

    I completely agree that Samsung gear s2 is best because of a main feature of it known as Bluetooth standalone mode which make's it very easy to reduce battery consumption caused by Bluetooth connectivity so it can be used as a watch and can be connected to phone when required

  • Arjunrathi says:

    Hello, sir I am using blackberry z30 mobilebphone. I want to buy smart watch. Than tell me which smart watch I choose whoz easily connect and proper working on my BlackBerry mobile. Plz tell me?? 

  • kron says:

    The one thing I want to know is why don't these perverted and deluded Applewellian.... Steve Jobs is Alive Cult Member Writers never include Galaxy S2 Cellular Carrier Models in any comparisons? Samsung Gear S2 offers the best all around experience on top of being the only Big Name Brand that makes most of the parts that go into a lot of their competitors devices too!

    It's just insane to consider Apple's Watch as even close to the best, when; 1. Battery Life SUCKS!  2. No power and Apps are forced to use the phone for computing w/ huge lag, slowness and freeze ups. 3. The design has not one a single design award... except for ones Apple bought! 4. The Immersion Lawsuit on Taptic will be HUGE and could have them all banned if not recalled and pulled off the market, if Immersion wants to get really nasty (which they've been known to do w/ even the biggest companies). 

    Immersion already has precedent setting cases establishing it as the creator of Haptic Technologies. Apple ain't going to get away without Paying Up on License Fees. They will be forced to pay just like Sony, Microsoft, Google, HTC, Motorola, Huawei, Lenovo, HP, etc et all that are paying now! ......their patents are so very well vetted now Apple yet has no viable argument to fight them. Only thing this lawsuit will set is if Apple violates their patents and it couldn't be more obvious that they are!

    I checked with friends who own smartwatches of all kinds. I personally have had around a dozen wearables since Samsung invented WatchPhone in 1999. I still have many different brands, but when smartwatches in general dropped Cellular Connectivity..... I was even disappointed with original Gear smartwatch without the Cellular calling I've always had in older models of wearable phones. 

    That changed when original Gear S came out. Carriers run contracts and you end up paying almost nothing for the Smartwatch Tel Number and 3G Data Service. In the meantime I never have to carry my smartphone even if I don't need it. Recently I bought Gear S2 and it's changed my life. I hardly know I'm wearing it.... it has stand alone calling... fitness tracking.... IoT hookups... Maps.... ebay.... Amazon... which enable me to use them on the fly on the other side of the earth if I want. My cars even connect to it via OBD-II Sensor BT reader and is so handy while I'm driving with CarO with Gear App. Again I don't have to have cellular data in my car and I don't even need to have my phone with me for this to all work!!! AND THAT'S WHY IN ALL REALITY GEAR S2 IS BY FAR THE BEST SMARTWATCH AND ONLY TOP BRAND SMARTWATCH PHONE AVAILABLE!!! 

  • AnnetteS says:

    I miss a category for best feminine looking smartwatch :)

  • Naveen says:

    Great round-up of smartwatches. I love the design of Sony smartwatch. It's sleek and elegant. Smartwatches being 'hot' tech trend , it's not surprising to see so many players are releasing their versions of smartwatches.

  • rickbhat86 says:

    I like Samsung Gear S2 better than any other

  • sashikanth says:

    you seem to have the latest that is high on the brute factor and much improved for those who run, swim, hike and wouldnt mind an activity tracker too... Fenix 3 HR

  • Septine says:

    There is mention in both the artical and the comments of a 3G GPS version, is this available in the UK? if so where can you get these, tried looking and can only find the standard version. Any help would be amazing. 

    • arc says:

      +1, I'd love the 3G version in the UK too and can't find it anywhere

  • phoneman67 says:

    I think you needed best of cellular connected category.

  • suryakumar says:

    Some thoughts of tech gadgets may worst like this "because its SUCH a hassle to have to get something from your pocket. (are people really that lazy or so pressed for time that even 2 seconds to reach into your pocket is too long, i seriously doubt it)"

    maybe it is saving us 2 seconds but does that really matter to the vast majority of people? No It's not correct the way to think when concerned about smart wahes.

    There's an interesting theory that smartwatches are to the smartphone what wristwatches were to the pocket watch. Picture the way the average gentlemen used to have to rummage through his pocket for his watch prior to the 20th century - now skip forward 100+ years and the average smartphone user still has to dive into his/her pocket to check their phone. It's very hard when we are on driving to know notifications and what's if it important. However Myself it's better to have one useful gadget and I've one smart watch at

  • Thegap says:

    this article is like a contest in an elementary school. Everyone gets a trophy. The problem is, I still don't know what to buy.

    • arc says:

      Agreed... I was hoping that there'd be one 'Best Smartwatch' but as it is I don't think that device has yet arrived.

  • sac2rwm says:

    I just bought the gear s2 3g version for verizon.  This is my second smartwatch with the original moto 360 being my first.  I thought android wear would be an absolute necessity since I am so deep into the google ecosystem, but I believe that the gear S2 is the best smartwatch out there.

    When you buy a smartwatch, you need to know exactly what you want it to do.  I wanted to be able to go running without my Note 5 in my pocket (check).  I wanted to get all my notifications (check).  I didn't want to have to charge my watch mid-day (check).  I wanted to be able to make phone calls with out my phone (check).

    That last point is way better than I could every imagine.  I thought you needed a set of BT headphones to receive and make calls with the don't.  It has a microphone and a speaker phone.  I'm weary about getting my kids phones because I don't want them on the internet or downloading games.  If I need to get a hold of them because they are going to a friends, I can take off my watch and hand it to them.  They can call me from the watch when they need to be picked up after sports practice or whatever it is.  It's a really nice feature.  Or if I'm out on a run and hurt myself, I'm not left to limp home.  I can just call my spouse from the watch.

    The watch looks great and isn't too bulky.  The 3g version is thicker than the non 3g, but that's for obvious reasons.  The 3g version also boast a 300mah battery vs. a 250 mah on the non 3g.  I took a shower with it on this morning.  No issue.  I don't dare try swimming with it though.

    • sac2rwm says:

      I forgot to mention that even when I go running, I still get notifications from my phone.  Some people think you don't, but you do.  So, you do need to connect the gear S2 to a device.  But once it is paired, you don't need to carry your phone around to ensure you get your messages.

  • jonfernando says:

    Smartwatches are now on sale only at SmartwatchOffers:com

    • arc says:

      wow - I'm pretty sure that they're not only on sale on your advertised website.


  • Gum says:

    What I want is a smart watch that has a "Siri" voice controller, personal assistant, which does not depend on a cell phone service, a Wi-Fi internet service -- in short a leash to a Master Control Computer in Cupertino (or anywhere else).  I want to be able to set alarms & reminders without cell phone service or internet. It is OK if it requires also a cell phone (without cell service), but wud be better if stand alone in the watch. I want a smart watch for reminders & health/exercise monitoring, not for cell phoning.

    • arc says:

      So basically, you're looking for an iPhone and a roll of tape... 

  • StevenH says:

    I work in the building trades and I'm interested in buying one for work. As far as I can tell frok this review, the dust proof, waterproof Casio model seems the best for my situation. Any other insights regarding durability? Thanks.

  • ratoiu says:

    it is very curious that the Vector Watch does not appear in this top 10. should the fact that the battery last 30 days be the only criteria for including it... but it is also a beautful timepiece. I totally understand that the big manufacturers invest money in the online reviewing business, but a bit of objectivity does not hurt.

  • wiseupshop says:

    I'd like to share a cheaper smartwatch sw03, can find it from wiseupshop

    • virtualreality says:

      it's cool

  • janetdsouza64 says:

    Smartwatches are now on sale only at BestSmartwatchOffers;com

    • arc says:

      wow - I'm pretty sure that they're not only on sale on your advertised website. 


  • runner74 says:

    Hi guys,

    Casio WSD-F10 - the best outdoor watch - are you serious, did you guys really have this watch in hands and did you take it outdoors? 

    This watch has no GPS, the display is hardly readable at bright sunlight, the touchscreen does not work reliably once wet and all this comes with really bad battery life. I tried the - so called - outdoor features and I must say that they are rather gimmicky and do not work reliably once the watch is not connected to the phone, the low power mode does not help me outdoors, no altitude displayed no bearing etc. Come on guys there must be more out there once it comes to smart wearables that perform outdoors. 

    Dont get me wrong I am a Casio-Fan - I am wearing a G-Shock GG1000 with Triple sensors and a ProTreck PRW-5000 during my work days since years and I liked them as reliable, really tough built, ABC watches. 

    BUT... recently I was looking for something that takes this experience to the next level... navigation beyond bearing and altitude, some sport performance tracking like the stuff on my doughters activity tracker but more serious, some smart features that matter, no games, no fancy watch faces etc... 

    I must say I have had high hopes, but finally I was really disappointed by the WSD-F10 the so called "outdoor" smart watch does not get it and to be honest - if this is the best Outdoor-Smart-Watch you could find - this is a poor statement either for the WAREABLE-Team or for the wearable industry.   

    I just feel sorry for Casio that they felt like they have to bring this watch to market. Show me - that you can do better. 

    The Runner

  • bestsocialplan says:

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  • Roymapes says:

    Bought Gear 2 watch and connected via BT to my S7 Edge. 1st thing-it will only sync text msg using standard Samsung msg app. I was using Textra and it would not sync. 2nd-it will only sync gmail mail using standard Samsung mail app. It will not sync non gmail mail! Took watch back for refund!

  • jollydsouza says:

    Smartwatches are now on sale only at SmartwatchOffers .com

  • Nottodayyy says:

    This article is so outdated. The LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Lte has the sharpest display at 480x480 

  • maryklipyard says:

    It seems like every brand in the field is trying to release their own version of smart watches in a hope to capture the huge market sales and varieties of smartwatches are going to be released in 2016. Let’s take a look at the upcoming smartwatches in 2016

  • june29star says:

    i am looking smart watches... please send me the latest updated smart watches detials.

  • mmm says:

    Form me Garmin Fenix 3 is great.

  • fran says:

    I'm looking for style more than function for my smartwatches and my favorites are the ZenWatch and Fossil Q. Both has a classic modern look with the smartwatch functions I need.

  • ahsanarif says:

    All the watch are listed above, very nice and stylish. Thanks a lot from Active Social Plan

  • Armyguy198036 says:

    hey everyone. I thought this would be the best place to pose this question to anyone that could help me. After being a gear S and gear s2 user I'm a little scared of going back to Samsung. I'm specifically looking for any smartwatch that I can use on runs and the gym that can login to a captive wifi network. Also one that has the ability to stream music as a standalone app like a pandora/slacker/etc. I don't want to carry my phone along. If I need my phone to be paired I think it defeats the purpose of a smartwatch. And I'm currently an iPhone 7 plus user. Thanks group!

  • RachelSinclair says:

    Just too many nasty, rude comments. Surprised at the number of insults. This is not a safe place to enjoy exploration and ask/receive answers. I won't return. EVER.

  • outlaw2183 says:

    Do any of these store music so I can play music and connect with my wireless headphones? I like to play bball but dont want to carry my i-phone while I exercise.

  • SkipperAdam says:

    With Pebble's demise announced today, will there be a reshuffling of reviews of best smart watches? 

    • j.stables says:

      Absolutely. We're working on it, changes aren't made lightly.

  • lexinonline says:

    I want to get a sony smartwatch,but I have not enough money because I'm a student.My watch was used for cycling,running and walking.It's simple and called

    SVPRO Speaker Watch.

    I like this watch, the only reason I didn't give it 5 stars is that since I use it
    for cycling sometimes when I'm speeding down a hill or riding in a heavily
    trafficked street the wind noise or vehicle noise drowns out the music so if it was
    a couple decibels louder it would be a 5 star product in my humble opinion. if you
    want it for walking/jogging or hiking it's perfectly loud enough and I totally
    recommend it.

  • Olesia_stade_Uk says:

    because its SUCH a hassle to have to get something from your pocket. (are people really that lazy or so pressed for time that even 2 seconds to reach into your pocket is too long, i seriously doubt it) 

    maybe it is saving us 2 seconds but does that really matter to the vast majority of people?

    smart watches , more pointless gadgets just for the sake of it, its not an innovation its just something old put into a new form factor that is not making anybodies life easier by enough to warrant making them.
    i bet 99% of people will only ever use it to check the time
    and do most other things on the bigger screen of their phone.

    They will mess around with it for a few hours thinking its cool to be like dick tracey, when the novelty wears off it will be business as usual. looking at their wrist to see the time. getting their phone out their pocket to check email or texts or whatever.

    So thanks but no thanks,

    I'll be sticking with a stylish quartz watch that ticks reassuringly like a watch should and my phone in my pocket thanks.

    not everything has to be digital. (to be fair tho the LG one doesn't look too bad as a watch)

  • globallike says:

    All are very awesome products on amazon. But i personally like Apple Watch. You did a great job to promote all are here. Thanks for your nice collection. Go Global Like for more promotion method.

  • marieweaver says:

    Thanks for sharing blog, It will definitely help us and The Series 2 is waterproof and offers an array of swim tracking and metrics. Apple has introduced a new Breathe app to help you relax.

  • Danielise says:

    what about the ITouch smartwatch?

  • BobbyBrownPants says:

    Best for geeks - Pebble 2

    You know Pebble sold themselves out to FitBit leaving all their customers and backers in the dark. Every single watch became end of life with no warranty or support being offered.

    I admit, I really wanted a Pebble Time 2 but what a bunch of jokers. I'll never buy from FitrBit or Pebble when the do resurface.

  • mark-pickett says:

    hi I'm after some advice please. Would a Sony smart watch 3 work with my iphone5 se? I'm basically looking for a cheapish smart watch that I can use for running and golf. Also be able to inform me when I have a call or message. Any advice would be welcome. 



  • attilavago says:

    Both the Pebble and the Vector have been acquired by FitBit, which means they're effectively non-existent any more. Get your facts right.

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