TAG Heuer Intel-powered smartwatch to launch at CES 2015

The smartwatches of 2014 need to prepare - The Swiss are coming
TAG Intel-powered smartwatch on its way

TAG Heuer's first smartwatch is set to be announced in January 2015 at CES, the Consumer Electronics Show, in Vegas.

Powered by Intel, according to Business Insider's industry sources, the smartwatch will get its debut at the tech expo, which begins on 5 January, or possibly later in the first few months of 2015.

We're hoping for a Withings Activité-style mechanical watch that looks traditional, with a long battery life, but offers extra step counting, fitness tracking or notifications and this is exactly the approach the anonymous sources suggest.

TAG's watches tend to be on the chunkier side and we're sure the ultimate goal is to squeeze the necessary tech in (say, a smaller, next-gen Intel Edison) without compromises to its design heritage. But TAG hasn't given us any solid clues as to what genre of smartwatch we can look forward to.

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As early as September, Jean-Claude Biver, TAG's head of watch operations, revealed to a Swiss newspaper that the company was building a smartwatch. At the time, he hinted that it would be no Apple Watch copycat and previous digital watches such as the sailing watch which TAG made for the Oracle team could be used as a starting point.

The fact that this TAG smartwatch will be powered by Intel is no surprise. The chipmaker is being anything but shy in its intentions to woo anyone working in wearables from upcoming Fossil devices to the gorgeous, snakeskin and jewel-encrusted MICA bracelet with Opening Ceremony to its smart specs partnership with huge fashion conglomerate Luxottica.

For an Intel-powered TAG, software will be the missing piece of the puzzle. Android Wear is lovely but flawed and Intel's own attempts at simplicity on the MICA also fall short with an overly complicated feature set.

CES should also see Intel CEO Brian Krzanich announce the prizes and deadline for the 2015 Make It Wearable competition, for maverick inventors and engineers, as he indicated at the 2014 final in November.

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