Pebble Time update brings brightness and vibration intensity settings

Does your Pebble Time blind you and rattle your wrist?
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The Pebble Time just got a minor but much welcome update, offering control over the intensity and duration of the backlight, the vibration motor and font size.

Pebble's loyal fans have been taking to social media to moan about vibrations being too strong and not being able to see the Pebble Time's screen indoors. As well as the new settings options, the default vibration is now less strong which should suit most wearers.

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The update will be coming to the Pebble Time and, when it ships, the Time Steel alongside updates to Pebble's Android and iOS app including improved support for track metadata when using the Pebble to control music players like Spotify (a bugbear in our Pebble Time review) and small tweaks to the notifications panel including a new Dismiss all button.

Another "leading priority" for the Pebble software team is moving the Timeline interface across to the original Pebble and Pebble Steel. This is planned to come out later this year, but there's no exact rollout date yet. CEO Eric Migicovsky told us back at MWC that this should arrive "a few months" after the Pebble Time ships, though he might too occupied trying to get Pebble Time Steel devices out (roughly) on time.

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A note on Pebble's blog says: "The fact that Pebblers themselves have a hand in the features and updates that come along the way is amazing—we wouldn't have it any other way!"

So keep tweeting your thoughts on its new smartwatches and it looks like Pebble will listen.

Pebble Time update brings brightness and vibration intensity settings

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