Pebble Time campaign ends: $20,338,986 raised and 95,906 smartwatches shifted

The record breaking Kickstarter campaign is over, here's all the stats...
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According to Roy Castle, if you want to be a record breaker, dedication's what you need.

Pebble will need dedication and a comprehensive manufacturing process in place as, by the end of August, it is going to have to send out 95,906 smartwatches to people who backed its Pebble Time Kickstarter campaign.

The largest campaign ever has just ended, raising a staggering $20,338,986 with 78,471 backers.

Wareable got its Mr Professor out to crunch the numbers on the crowdfunding phenomenon and calculated that 58,996 Pebble Time watches were sold, as well as 36,940 Pebble Time Steels.

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77.5% of backers just opted for one smartwatch, with the remaining 22.5% gobbling up multiple Pebble Times. 5% of people (4,998 backers) couldn't decide between the regular Time and the Steel edition, and went for one of each.

Pebble has informed backers that they will be contacted soon to choose their colours and finalise their shipping arrangements. We hope it's prepared for the unlikely scenario that everyone wants the same colour model.

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The first Pebble Time devices will ship next month, with the first Pebble Steels landing in July.

Pre-orders direct through Pebble will open soon, for people who didn't take the Kickstarter plunge and you can register your interest now.

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