​Oppo Watch could lead summer smartwatch showdown

Our spidey senses tell us things are going to get tasty
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Updated: The Oppo Watch 41mm review is now live and we've also tested the Oppo Watch 46mm LTE.

It looks like we’re about to have a good old fashion showdown in the smartwatch world this summer, as the long-awaited Oppo Watch has been spotted at the FCC.

The Oppo Watch was big news back in March 2020, when it was released to much fanfare in China. However, the company hastily stepped back from announcing a global rollout amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

But we may not have to wait much longer. It’s popped up at the FCC, which even mentions it will be on sale via Amazon. And given we were expecting an appearance in Europe first, this could mean a global rollout is imminent.

Other than that, there’s little new information on the Oppo Watch itself.

To recap, the Oppo Watch has a curved AMOLED display, and ships in 41mm and 46mm case sizes.

It boasts heart rate monitor and it will take electrocardiogram (ECG) readings – and will be waterproof to 50 metres.

We’re really interested in what Oppo has managed to produce, but the prospect of a tantalizing summer showdown has got us excited.

It’s almost certain we’ll see the Galaxy Watch 3 in August, as images are leaking left, right and center, which is set to be a seriously powerful contender in the smartwatch space.

And there will almost certainly be an Apple Watch Series 6 in September.

And add into that the prospect of a Xiaomi Mi Watch Revolve – the tipped global name for the Mi Watch Colour – and we could have a series of powerful summer smartwatches vying for market share in the back end of the year.

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