IFA 2015: What to expect in wearable tech

The biggest wearables expected to be on show at the Berlin tech expo
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No, it's not an alt international football association or a Cockney saying 'either', IFA 2015 is this year's edition of a big old trade show which happens every September in Berlin.

Why does it matter? Because in the past few years the expo, which kicks off its press announcements on 2 September, has become The Smartwatch Show.

Not just smartwatches but in recent shows, we've seen smart earbuds, VR headsets and fitness trackers also take to the IFA stage to shine. Here's what we are expecting to see and when.

Wednesday 2 September


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We know precisely what we are getting from Asus - two ZenWatch 2s, to be exact. Well, two different sizes. Like the Apple Watch, the ZenWatch 2 comes in two sizes - one measuring 49 x 41mm (model number WI501Q), with a 22mm strap, and a 45 x 37mm model (WI502Q), that sits on an 18mm strap.

What we know is that the Android Wear smartwatch will have a battery life of two days, a curved AMOLED display and leather, stainless steel and Swarovski studded straps. What we will find out at IFA is prices and release dates for the two models.

Read our Asus ZenWatch 2 guide to find out more ahead of 2 September.

What to look for: Asus' press conference starts at 12.30 Berlin time (11.30 am BST/ 03.30 PT) so expect Wareable's hands on with the ZenWatch 2 shortly afterwards.


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Boy, have Huawei made us wait for this one. This 42mm round smartwatch will go head to head with Samsung and Motorola. It brings heart rate monitoring and compatibility with Jawbone's UP platform as well as

Again, as well as getting a good look at a final Huawei Watch, the tidbits we will be looking out for will be a price, availability and release date (finally) for the smartwatch. Here's everything you need to know about the Huawei Watch and our initial first look hands on complete with video from MWC.

What to look for: Huawei's press event kicks off at 13.30 in Berlin (12.30 BST, 04.30 PT) so we will have our first impressions of the Huawei Watch up asap after the announcements end.


IFA 2015: What to expect in wearable tech

Another not-so secret launch is the Moto 360 2 which everyone who is anyone at Motorola and Lenovo HQs has been wearing lately.

Like Asus, Motorola seems to be trying its luck with two different sizes. The flat tire on the bottom of the circular display remains which might annoy some fans of the first 360 and Motorola is pushing more customisation than ever before, certainly a good thing. Read our guide of everything you need to know about the Moto 360 2.

Essential reading: Samsung Gear S2 vs New Moto 360

What to look for: We should get official pics, hands on time and confirmed specs, price and release date at IFA as well as more details on that quiet launch of the Moto Hint 2 in the US and more global availability. Motorola's conference begins at 20.00 (19.00 BST/ 11.oo PT) on 2 September.

Thursday 3 September


IFA 2015: What to expect in wearable tech

The star of the show is launching a day late, although technically it's already official. Samsung's much teased Gear S2 throws out Android Wear in favour of Tizen, comes in a couple of design flavours and ditches the Gear line's penchant for square smartwatch screens.

A bold new approach from Samsung and one that we think will really work. We've had no word on price or release date yet so expect those at the IFA press event.

What to look for: We will be bringing you our first impressions of the Gear S2 from Berlin as well as any wearables and VR news. Samsung's press conference begins at 11.00 (10.00 BST/ 02.00 PT) so expect hands on pics and video shortly after that.

New wearables at Showstoppers

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It's not all about the big names at IFA - look out for wearable tech news coming out of the show on Thursday as Showstoppers showcases smaller brands from 18.00 (17.00 BST/ 13.00 PT).

Jabra, Netatmo, Myfox, Sengled and more wearable tech and smart home names will be there with new products and accessories.

There's more



We're not sure exactly which day (if at all) we will hear details of LG's rumoured Nemo smartwatch, or get close up time with the new device. But all bets look like a sneaky IFA launch for a new LG watch.

The new Nemo is said to have a super sharp 480 x 480 resolution screen but apart from that, details are scarce. Apart from that, it makes sense to continue in the Urbane tradition for the foreseeable future.

LG has already taken the wraps of the 23-karat gold Watch Urbane Luxe ahead of IFA but we could still see an announcement this week.


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We are not expecting any announcement from HTC at IFA - though we're hoping for more word on when that limited first batch of Vive headsets will go on sale. IFA will be a stop on a so-called world tour of the Vive so attendees will get to try out its latest demos and games in Berlin.

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