Second gen Moto Hint earbud arrives with better audio and 17 hour battery life

Moto's hearable snuck up on us and is now on sale in Best Buy in the US
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The Moto Hint is the kind of wearable we wanted so badly to work. Hands free, conversational voice controls from a tiny, not-so-dorky smart earbud. But the first gen Hint ran into trouble - it was expensive, the audio was unreliable and the battery life was a pain.

Motorola seems to have remedied these initial complaints with the quiet launch of the second gen Moto Hint smart earbud, which could be officially named the Moto Hint Plus.

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It looks to be the same overall design and size - which is a shame for anyone hoping that Moto would manage to make it even smaller. Still, the Hint's 10 hour battery life (including the carry case which wirelessly charges the hearable) has increased to an impressive 17 hours. There's also improved audio quality, including CrystalTalk noise and wind-cancelling technology, Bluetooth 3.0 and better in-ear fit thanks to new gels bundled with the earbud.

The new Moto Hint is on sale now at Best Buy in the US for $129.99. That's cheaper than the Hint's original price but the first gen Bluetooth earbud has now been slashed to $79.99, a pretty good deal. There's no word yet on UK or Europe availability.

We don't know a lot more about the 2015 Moto Hint at this stage - Android Authority spotted that a Google+ user was posting pics of the new purchase which is also said to include advanced voice controls. Motorola is holding events in London and New York on 28 July so stay tuned for our hands on first impressions of the new Moto Hint and maybe even details of the Moto 360 2.

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