Guess watches set to get some contactless payment love thanks to Barclays bPay

Mondaine, Timex, Suunto and Kronaby also sign up to bring payments to the wrist
Guess watches are getting payment support
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We've been saying for a while that paying from the wrist should come as standard on all smartwatches. Barclays is helping to make this a reality after signing up seven more watch brands to use its bPay chip to unlock contactless payments.

Guess, Timex, Mondaine, Suunto, Kronaby, Adexe and LBS are the latest watchmakers all set to embed the payment chip into its wearables, bringing payment smarts to traditional watches and even fitness trackers.

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Timex is set to launch eight new watches in May that will include the bPay tech, while Guess is apparently working on six new watches that will get some bPay love too. Watch strap specialists LBS is working on a smart strap that can be fitted to any watch to add payment support.

Barclays has spent the last four to five years getting its payment tech into a whole host of wearables from jackets to Topshop jewelry. It also introduced the bPay Loop, a silicone add-on, which was designed to slip onto a smartwatches and sports watches to enable contactless purchases.

More recently, it unveiled a smaller, bendier chip, which found its way into bracelets being sold in UK high street shops including Miss Selfridge and Dorothy Perkins. The new flexible form opened the door for the technology to be added into a greater range of wearables.

With the Baselworld 2018 watch fair on the horizon, we anticipate learning a bit more about some of these new payment-packing watches from the likes of Guess Watches, Mondaine and Timex.

Guess watches set to get some contactless payment love thanks to Barclays bPay