Here's how much the Google Pixel Watch is expected to cost in the UK and Europe

Google's first smartwatch is setting expectations high
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After months of leaks and rumors, there's not a great deal left to know about Google's first-ever branded smartwatch ahead of its full reveal on 4 October.

And after details recently emerged regarding the US pricing for the Pixel Watch, another industry whisper has now seemingly released details regarding the price tags for customers in the UK and Europe.

It already appears clear that a cellular model of the watch will be available for $399 and a Bluetooth/Wi-Fi model for $349, and now Roland Quandt of WinFuture has reported the starting price in the other two major regions.

In the UK, the Pixel Watch will start for £339, while the price in Europe is suggested to be €379. For the cellular version in Europe, that price naturally jumps, with €419 mooted as the figure.

No cellular price was quoted by Quandt in his Twitter thread, though it's fair to speculate that this will come in at just below £400.

With the pricing details all but revealed, then, it would appear Google is throwing the Pixel Watch in direct competition with the $399 / £419 Apple Watch Series 8, leaving users with a clear premium option to pick from no matter if they have an Android device or an iPhone.

As one is a well-established market leader nearly a decade into its dominance, however, the initial challenge for the Pixel Watch will be to usurp Samsung and become the clear Wear OS favorite.

It's not necessarily fair to lump this much pressure on a first-gen device - not least one from Google, which has a history of hardware hiccups - but the asking prices certainly means it'll have to hit the ground running in order to gain serious traction.

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