​The CMRA Apple Watch strap lets you snap pics from the wrist

It's like 2014 all over again...
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In a throwback to the first Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch back in 2014, the CMRA Apple Watch strap enables users to snap pics from their wrist – and it's just hit pre-order.

The CMRA strap features two cameras: an 8MP front facing camera and a 2MP one that stares up at you from the strap for selfies and the like. It's the specs of a 2013 smartphone, so picture quality should be reasonably decent.

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CMRA connects to your phone via Bluetooth. In fact, it has little to do with your Apple Watch at all, apart from its physical attachment. The strap features its own battery and 8GB of built in memory.

You can take pictures using the Quick Capture button, which is also positioned on the strap. The captured picture is then stored on the device and synced back to your iPhone, and can be viewed on your watch using the accompanying app.

We've recently explored the world of modular wearables and the challenges they face. While CMRA is hardly a modular experience, it's a neat upgrade for anyone who wishes the long-rumoured FaceTime camera for Apple Watch actually happened.

The CMRA band is taking pre-orders currently, and it's priced at $149 with shipping expected in Spring next year. It's like a Kickstarter campaign, without the worry of it not getting funded.

We can't see the CMRA band changing the world, but we used the first Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, and unlike many other voices out there, kinda liked the camera. It was terrible quality and questionably useful, but we've been out for a run since and remembered the ease in which we could snap sunrises and vistas without having our phone along for the ride.

With 8MP on board, the CMRA is well equipped to test the form factor better than Samsung, but of course, it won't be everyone's cup of tea.

​The CMRA Apple Watch strap lets you snap pics from the wrist


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