The £30 smartwatch is here

Well that was fast - Hannspree's Sports Watch is absurdly cheap
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Fitness tracking, message displaying, time telling, sleep tracking - and all for £30 as Taiwanese tech manufacturer Hannspree has just announced its bargainous Sports Watch.

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It might look simple, and a bit flimsy, at first glance but there's not a lot to complain about. It's compatible with iPhone and Android and promises an 8 - 10 day battery life and a recharging time of under one hour.

How? Well, it uses a low-res 0.68-inch OLED screen which will save on power, though how useful smartphone notifications that tiny will be remains to be seen. It also looks like social media and news alerts aren't compatible.

Bang for your buck

That feature list looks decent too, more what we're used to seeing from £70/£80+ fitness trackers with step counting, calories burned and distance travelled. Hannspree also promises "an uncomplicated menu system".

And if you're not fussed about call and message alerts, you can switch your phone's Bluetooth off and allow the Sports Watch to store up to 20 days worth of data on the device itself. It will also vibrate for both alerts and alarms.

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It's modular so can be worn slotted inside the wristband or in a necklace accessory and it will be sold in two (fairly masculine) colours - black and blue. We don't know what materials the Sports Watch uses yet.

Its fitness and reliability credentials remain to be tested but the like of Xiaomi have proven that fitness tech doesn't have to cost more than say $13 in the case of its Mi Band.

The days of charging over £100 or $100 for a simple fitness band, without extra sensors like heart rate tracking or a stylish design, are over. Head to Entatech, Hannspree's UK partner, if you're interested.

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