Brand new ​Tag Heuer smartwatches set for early 2020 launch

A second report puts a follow up Tag Heuer Connected beyond doubt
​Tag Heuer smartwatch set for early 2020
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Tag Heuer has confirmed there will be a new launch of a third generation Tag Heuer Connected next year.


Wareable had previously reported that a new version was set to be released in March 2020 – and that’s been backed up in a report by WatchPro – which has curiously since been deleted. You can see a cached version here.

WatchPro quotes Stéphane Bianchi, chief executive of TAG Heuer and the LVMH Watchmaking Division, as saying:

“We will have two major launches in 2020: a new Connected watch and a new Carrera. Those are going to be big, big launches next year,” Bianchi is quoted as saying.


“New Connected watches will be unveiled in February and we will focus on the Carrera at Baselworld,” he continued.

That points to an announcement ahead of the March Baselworld show, of which LVMH is a major exhibitor.

At Wareable we previously reported that a former Google employee had been quoted in a Business Insider look at the Wear OS roadmap as saying a new Tag Heuer Connected was due for March 2020.

That same source highlighted that Tag Heuer has struggled to make a big impression with its smartwatch line-up – with sales amounting to 15,000 of its first generation and 50,000 of the second.


While those numbers are small fry for tech giants – potentially disastrous in fact – it’s important to remember that for the Swiss watch manufacturers producing at price points with such high margins, it’s a different story. As such - Tag Heuer clearly feels it can continue the traction it's built.

Will we see a cheaper watch, designed to introduce more people into the Tag brand? Don't count on it.