Best LG G Watch straps: Handpicked by experts

Got LG's first smartwatch and looking to upgrade? Try these straps on for size
Best LG G Watch straps

If you own an LG G Watch, you're either a bonafide early adopter or you've got yourself a bargain first smartwatch in the last 12 months.

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Either way, the G Watch isn't the most personal of wearables with its minimal rectangular watch body and black rubber strap.

So we've asked Trunk Club stylist Patrick Gorny to cast an expert eye over the G Watch to determine which 22mm straps you should choose to customise the LG device.

If our choices aren't quite your thing, you can pair the G Watch with any standard 22mm strap. Let us know what you've gone for below in the comments.

Trunk Club says...

Patrick said: "The LG G Watch has a sporty aesthetic, so a synthetic band would be the best pairing. Have some fun with the colour of the band for this watch; use it to express yourself.

"Black would be the most versatile, but red would be more fun. Pair this watch with your casual sneakers, 5 pocket twill pants, and a henley."

1. Hirsch Accent Natural Rubber Strap

If the strap makes the G Watch look three times the price, there's no harm in paying almost the cost of the device for a slick choice like this Hirsch Accent rubber strap.

"Something of a retro feel to this one," said Patrick, "but it oozes quality and will fit the LG G Watch to a tee."


2. Coloured Silicone Sports Strap

Cheap and cheerful, this rubber strap adds a pop of muted colour to the black G Watch. "Available in "fun" red or a more sober navy, this strap is hard-wearing and durable," said Patrick.


3. Black Carbon Look with Light Seam

It might not feel the real deal but that doesn't mean your bargain basement G Watch strap can't look smart. It's at the cheap end of accessories for your smartwatch but the finish is discreet, stylish and looks high quality.


4. Hirsch Pure Natural Rubber Strap

"For those who want to stand out rather than blend in, this rubber option is smooth and bright," said Patrick.

Again, the pricing is on the higher side but we think this Hirsch strap is good value.


5. Super Engineer Stainless Steel Strap

This black, solid stainless steel strap will up the overall weight (it's 118g on its own) but also up the overall style of the smartwatch.

"If you'd rather go more heavy duty," said Patrick, "then this option adds a tough, metal feel to the G Watch."


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