How to grab a Fitbit Prime Day deal

Our guide to helping you bag a Fitbit smartwatch or fitness tracker bargain
Family lineup featuring only the trackers for 2017 Q3.
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The Prime Day bargain bonanza has kicked off – and if you're looking for a Fitbit tracker or watch, your in luck.

If you want a break down of what Prime Day is, check out our main Amazon Prime Day page. Bottom line, this is your time to pick up some wearables on the cheap and the reason you're probably here is because you hope there'll be some Fitbits included in the sales. Well, there is.


The first thing you want to do is bookmark the Amazon Prime Day deals page to make sure you don't miss out.

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Also keep an eye out on other retailers who will want to get in on the deals action too. In the UK, we are talking about the likes of PC World and John Lewis and in the US the likes of Best Buy. Fitbit is offering its own deals on the day as well if you feel more comfortable buying directly from the company.

The deals are live now and we've outlined the best deals below.

Amazon PA: Fitbit Store sale – up to $50 off trackers

Fitbit Ionic deals


The Ionic is Fitbit's first smartwatch that may have a look that divides but it does pack in plenty of features. On the sports tracking front it has built-in GPS for mapping runs and rides along with dedicated swim tracking. It also has all of Fitbit's great fitness tracking features including some of the best sleep monitoring in the business.

It also includes new women's health tracking features and musters up a week's worth of battery life. Also keep a look out for the Fitbit Ionic Adidas edition, which matches the original Ionic in features but adds in a new sporty strap and preloaded workouts powered by Adidas. Have a read of our Fitbit Ionic review and Ionic Adidas edition review to get a better idea of what to expect.

Fitbit Ionic – $249.99, save $50 - Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Ionic Adidas Edition - $279.99, save $50, Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Alta/Alta HR deals


Fitbit's slimmest fitness tracker with a touchscreen display is available with or without a heart rate monitor. The one with a HR monitor is currently our fave fitness tracker out there with the usual fitness tracking features on board, smartphone notifications and the ability change up the bands for a different look. Check out our Fitbit Alta review and Fitbit Alta HR review for a more in depth look into the slim trackers.

Fitbit Alta - $99.95, save $20 - Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Alta Special Edition - $119.95, save $30 - Fitbit

Fitbit Alta HR - $119.95, save $30 - Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 deals


This is Fitbit's flagship fitness tracker. If you want the most feature packed tracker, this is your one. It's got a bigger screen than the Alta and Alta HR giving you greater insights if you're serious about your fitness. That includes providing VO2 Max data and Connected GPS (you need to pair from a smartphone to map runs and rides). There's no swim tracking here, but you do get 24/7 heart rate monitoring and guided breathing to help you destress. Head to our Fitbit Charge 2 review to see what we really liked about the latest Charge.

Fitbit Charge 2 UK Prime Day deals

Fitbit Charge 2 (black, large): £79.99 (down from £109.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 (black, small): £79.99 (down from £109.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 (plum, small): £79.99 (down from £109.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 (blue, large): £79.99 (down from £109.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 (plum, large): £79.99 (down from £109.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 (teal, small): £79.99 (down from £109.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 (teal, large): £79.99 (down from £109.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 US Prime Day deals

Fitbit Charge 2 - $119.95, save $30 - Fitbit | Amazon

Fitbit Charge 2 Special Edition - $149.95, save $30 - Fitbit

Fitbit Flex 2 deals


The Flex 2 was the very first Fitbit to get a waterproof design. That means you can take it for a dip in the pool, plus it also offers automatic swim tracking. It''s the skinniest of the Fitbit trackers, thanks in part to the fact it doesn't include a screen. Instead it uses LEDS to indicate fitness tracking progress and smartphone notifications throughout the day. It should muster up around five days of battery life before it needs charging too. Hit up our Fitbit Flex 2 review to find out what it's like tracking on land and in the water.

Fitbit Blaze deals


Fitbit doesn't sell the Blaze fitness watch (read smartwatch) from its own store, but you can still buy it from places like Amazon. While it doesn't match the Ionic or the new Versa for features, it does still offer a whole lot. It offers 24/7 activity tracking including sleep, phone notifications, heart rate monitoring and can pair with your phone to map sports tracking. Find out why what we liked and didn't like so much in our Fitbit Blaze review.

Fitbit Blaze UK Prime Day deals

Fitbit Blaze (black, small): £99.99 (down from £138.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Blaze (plum, small): £99.99 (down from £149.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Blaze (plum, large): £99.99 (down from £149.99) | Amazon

Fitbit Blaze (black, large): £99.99 (down from £149.99) | Amazon

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