Google shows off Android Wear 2.0 standalone apps

Here's a taster of what Wear fans can look forward to
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We already know that Google has decided to hold off rolling out Android Wear 2.0 until early 2017, so it's decided to give us another preview of what we can expect when it finally drops.

With the arrival of the fourth developer version of Wear 2.0 this week, we have our first look at one of the biggest new features, standalone apps. These are the apps you can install on Wear watches and don't require having a companion app on your smartphone. This is going to be a really big deal for anyone that's using Android Wear with an iPhone.

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Google has shown how three new standalone apps will operate. The first is from video messenger app Glide, which uses the new Wear Complications API, to live broadcast directly from the app and launch directly into conversations.

The new FourSquare app will apparently make it easier to find the best places to eat, drink and explore while food logging app Lifesum will let you track water and meals straight from your Android Wear smartwatch.

Along with the introduction of standalone apps, the fourth developer edition has also added access to more new Wear 2.0 features including the ability for devs to offer in-app billing so you can authorise purchases with a four-digit PIN number. It's also the first time we get to see the swipe-to-dismiss gesture in action.

If you need a reminder, Google's upcoming software update will also introduce a standalone Play Store, Apple Watch-style complications, and improvements in the messaging, notification and fitness departments.

It's fair to say that there's a lot riding on the introduction of Wear 2.0 to prove that Google is on track with its smartwatch platform. Especially after Wear partner Motorola decided to step away from smartwatches.

Source: Android Developers Blog

Google shows off Android Wear 2.0 standalone apps

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