Acer and Victorinox INOX Cybertool makes your dumb watch smart

MWC 2016: Bezel clip on for existing watches adds smart features
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Acer and Swiss Army knife maker Victorinox have joined forces to create the INOX Cybertool - a smart accessory that makes existing watches connected.

The Cybertool clips onto existing INOX watch models, adding a bezel display to the mix. It's made of polyurethane thermo-plastic and covered in Gorilla Glass 3. It weighs 24g, so won't add too much heft to your existing timepiece.

The non-touch display shows of global timezones and can also provide smartphone notifications. There's activity tracking on board too and the clip-on can also give you a snap shot of your daily progress.

"Our first collaboration with Acer is a wearable device that makes your watch smart, giving it multi-functionality much like our iconic Swiss Army Knife," said Alexander Bennouna, CEO of Victorinox.

"Our partnership with Acer enables us to introduce a unique solution that combines the best of both worlds - an innovative wearable accessory that adds technology and functionality to an existing INOX watch, without compromising its Swiss-made integrity and durability."

The INOX Cybertool packs a 60mAh battery that, we're told, means a lifecycle of 5-7 days. It's water resistant IPX7, so can survive the odd splash or brief submersion, but don't take it swimming.

There's a dedicated companion app and the Cybertool plays nicely with both iOS and Android.

Costing $225, the INOX Cybertool comes in two colours - black or blue. A release date hasn't yet been revealed, but we'll keep you posted.

Smart accessories have gained traction over the last few months, with Pebble's beefed up bands starting to filter through. The Swiss aren't exactly new to the idea either – Montblanc launched its e-Strap to smarten up its range of mechanical watches last year.

Acer and Victorinox INOX Cybertool makes your dumb watch smart

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