Polar Team Pro Shirt to help sports teams ditch the chest strap

CES 2017: Connected kit delivers heart rate and GPS tracking
Polar Team Pro Shirt officially unveiled
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Polar is getting into the smart clothing game. It's unveiled the Polar Team Pro Shirt over in Vegas at CES 2017, which is built for athletes and can monitor heart rate and track GPS.

It's being designed with team sports in mind, so it could give the likes of connected clothing outfit Catapult Sports a run for its money by offering coaches greater insights into aspects such as effort, speed and recovery for its players.

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The sleeveless, base-layer shirt features two thin heart rate capture points embedded directly into the fabric to deliver real-time heart rate metrics. There's also a small sensor pod that sits into a pocket on the back collar to track motion and provide metrics on speed, distance and acceleration.

The connected shirt will be integrated into Polar's Team Pro system designed for advanced team sports coaching to broadcast live training data. It's already being used by a host of NBA, NHL, MLB and NFL sides so now the Team Pro Shirt means they can ditch the heart rate chest strap.

The Polar Team Pro Shirt is launching in March 2017 and will be available in sizes ranging from S - XL with more sizes landing in May.