OMSignal OMbra fitness tracking smart bra is now available

You can now monitor workouts a little easier
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OMSignal's fitness-focused smart bra is now available to buy with prices for starter kits costing $169.

Unveiled back in January at CES, the OMbra relies on the same tech used in the Canadian startup's current smart clothing range. It can track biometric data in real time via a small clip-on data box recording distance, heart rate, breathing rate/rhythm and can even understand when the body is in a good enough state to hit the gym again.

Data can be stored on the box and synced to the companion app, which will only work with iPhones for the time being. There's also a decent amount of third party app support with with Apple Health, Strava, Nike+, MapMyFitness and Runtastic all making the cut.

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OMSignal says it's put a lot of work into the actual design of the garment to help address some of the biggest issues many women find when wearing a sports bra.

For starters, the OMbra uses a stretchable and light fabric that conforms to the shape of the body during exercise. It also features mesh panels in the front and the back of the bra to make it more breathable and uses fabrics that are great at fending off sweat.

OMSignal OMbra fitness tracking smart bra is now available

There are also adjustable bands and wide straps to ensure a comfortable fit and secure movement. The padded, removable cups means it can also be adjusted to accommodate different cup shapes and sizes.

For those who find straps one of the most irritating aspects of a sports bra, the racerback helps shift the force of the straps to the side of the bra instead of the back to stop them from slipping onto the shoulders.

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OMSignal was one of the earliest players bidding to take smart clothing mainstream when it launched its men's range back in 2014, and then announced a partnership with Ralph Lauren to trial smart shirts at the US Open last year.

Interestingly, OMSignal had actually worked on a sensor-packed bra before launching its more male-friendly smart clothing line. 3 years and 1,633 prototypes later, the OMbra sports bra is ready to go.

Battery life of the box is set to be about the same as it is on the existing range. So you can expect to get at least 10 workouts or day's worth of continuously monitoring before it needs to be charged again.

The OMbra and OMrun is available to buy from the OMsignal website now. Available in XS/S, S/M, M/L and L/XL sizes, you'll receive the bra, the clip-on box and a USB charger. It's advised that you use the size guides to ensure you get the best tracking experience and fit. Look out for our review, which will be hitting the site in the next few days.

OMSignal OMbra fitness tracking smart bra is now available

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