TaylorMade teams up with Samsung to help improve your game

But there's no word on Gear Sport compatibility
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TaylorMade and Samsung have announced a partnership that will allow users to tap into the golfing giant's myRoundPro statistics platform.

The move gives Samsung Gear S3 and Gear Fit2 Pro wearers the opportunity to make use of the app's features from the wrist, as opposed to having their smartphone out on a round. That means golfers can view yardage to the front, middle and back of the green, alongside the total distance of their previous shot.

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Through the app, the compatible Gear devices are also able to keep tabs on the scores from each hole and provide a summary of key stats upon a round's completion. For those who don't mind tapping their wrist consistently in order to gauge feedback, the app can let golfers attribute a club to each shot, too.

And while the move is a solid one for Samsung wearers looking to bolster their app options on the golf course, the elephant in the room here is the Samsung Gear Sport. The devices listed to support the myRoundPro app also include the Gear S2 and Gear Fit2, as well as the newer equivalents. However, there's currently no mention of the recently announced smartwatch, which is expected to drop in October and replace the Gear S3.

We imagine support will come further down the line, once the Gear Sport comes closer to launch, but the fact that Samsung has yet to reveal an LTE model for the device would potentially hinder it's usefulness to myRoundPro users - especially in comparison to those rocking an LTE-enabled Gear S3 Frontier.

Either way, those with compatible devices can hit up the new app from today and begin delving deep into why they can't make par on 85% of holes.

TaylorMade teams up with Samsung to help improve your game

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