Samsung Gear VR gets a sizable discount for a limited time

You can get it for $40 off for a limited time
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The Samsung Gear VR is probably the creme of the crop when it comes to mobile virtual reality headsets that you can stick your phone into. A huge part of the appeal is the breadth of apps available on the Oculus platform.

And now you can jump in at a much more affordable price. From 6 June to 15 June, the Gear VR will be priced at $99.99, which is a $30 discount from its original $129.99 price.

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The deal will be available online at Samsung, Best Buy and Amazon. If you buy it on Amazon, you'll get an additional $10 off - discounts on discounts. This is also for the 2017 edition, so you'll get that handy controller to navigate around your VR apps as well.

Samsung has been steadily improving its mobile VR headset for a couple years now, heavily relying on the touchpad on the side of the headset. This past year, however, it decided to add a motion controller for added immersion.

Compared to its competitors, like the Daydream View, the Gear VR has a much better selection of apps. From free demos to free titles to the pricier stuff, you won't hurt to find something to do in VR thanks to being powered by Oculus.

You won't have to worry about the future of the ecosystem as well. The Oculus Go is out now and, for the most part, many of the apps available on the Go also work on the Gear VR, and vice versa, so you should continue to see a lot of content come your way in the future.

Samsung Gear VR gets a sizable discount for a limited time


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