Samsung Gear Sport: What we know so far

Meet the Korean giant's next smartwatch
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One year on from the reveal of its Gear S3 and the Samsung smartwatch rumours are swirling once again. Things have been ramping up over recent weeks, with an FCC filing, alternative monikers and potential features all surfacing.

And with main rival Apple likely preparing to launch the Apple Watch Series 3 and a Fitbit smartwatch on the horizon, Samsung will be looking to develop a watch that can right the wrongs of its predecessors and build off the strong points of its mountain of wrist tech.

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With the Korean giant likely to reveal more details about its latest device over the coming days, here's everything we know so far.

What's in a name?

Oh, so you thought this would just be a standard succession which led straight into the Samsung Gear S4? Well, think again. With the folks at Android Headlines revealing an FCC filing from Samsung, it now appears as if the company's next smartwatch will be called the Samsung Gear Sport.

This could means that a Gear S4 is on the back-burner or won't be used as a name at all, and the initially mooted Samsung Gear Pop would appear to be nothing but simple rumour mill fiction. Alternatively, the Gear Sport could be one of two variants set to become available - mirroring the strategy involving the Frontier and Classic models last year.

As for the less catchy model name, the filing indicates this will be SM-R600.

Smartwatch or fitness tracker?

Despite the Gear Sport's name giving away much of its apparent focus, this is almost certainly set to be a smartwatch. Not only does the upcoming Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro cover the fitness tracker base for the company, but some kind of successor to the Gear S3 is needed with its main rivals preparing fresh iterations.

Samsung Gear Sport: What we know so far


Since all we have to go off so far is the file image above, which shows the underside of the watch, it's hard to know any technical specs — all we can see is that it will offer Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a heart rate monitor, which is fairly automatic at this stage. As for OS, it's safe to assume the company's own Tizen system is orchestrating the show in the background.

If we're speculating, we imagine the sport-focused watch will be more svelte than bulky, hopefully harbouring that rotating bezel and the ability to tolerate the likes of water up to 5ATM. And while we're mentioning things we'd like to see, including LTE included across the board would be a welcome addition.

There's little doubt that alongside the heart rate monitor will be GPS for workout tracking – but there's two ways this could go. The first is a real stab at a sport-forward smartwatch, much like the Polar M600, which leverages Samsung S-Health to really engage with runners, swimmers and cyclists.

The second is another bland smartwatch, with all the ingredients of a sports device yet none of the chops to compete. Just like the Huawei Watch 2 or LG Watch Sport, which simply revealed those two companies have no idea what makes active people tick.

Release date and price

The fact that we've seen an FCC filing of the device means that a release for the Samsung Gear Sport is close, since its approval is needed before a device is to go on sale. With the Sport likely to fill the company's usual smartwatch slot, it would appear likely the device is sitting on wrists around the September or October mark.

As for when it's actually revealed by the company itself, there's two paths to take. Samsung Unpacked is taking place on 23 August, likely focusing on the Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, but could also make room for the Gear Sport. The more likely route is the company's IFA 2017 press conference, so be sure to stay tuned on 30 August.

Like much of the Gear Sport's personality, no pricing details are currently being hinted. However, based on what we know in the past, it could retail for around the $300-$350 mark. Whether its price point eventually proves to be affected by the fact it's more focused on being a sport-orientated device than an ultimate wrist companion remains to be seen, however.

Either way, with the Gear Fit2 Pro set to cost punters $199, seeing this nearly doubled wouldn't be a surprise.

What would you like to see from Samsung's next smartwatch? Let us know in the comments below.

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