Samsung Galaxy Watch update fixes heart rate and battery life problems

New update is rolling out to LTE and non-LTE variants of the smartwatch
Galaxy Watch update fixes HR problems
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Samsung is pushing out updates for the Galaxy Watch, covering both the LTE and non-LTE versions, promising some significant bug fixes to its latest smartwatch.

Since the launch of the Galaxy Watch, we've heard numerous complaints from users of faltering heart rate monitors, while others have complained of a shorter-than-promised battery life. The good news is that the new update appears to target both these problems, as spotted by Sammobile

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For the LTE models, the update fixes a problem where phone number info doesn't appear when a number is redialed, as well as a bug where the VoLTE icon disappears. eSIM activation should also be more stable, promises Samsung.

Other improvements include "improved reliability" of the heart rate sensor and "improved battery life", however we're yet to try any of this out to see how "improved" we're talking here.

If you own a Galaxy Watch, you can find the update by going into the smartphone app, heading to Settings, then About Watch, then clicking Download Updates Manually. If you don't see it there yet, panic not, it's likely to take some time to roll out around the world.

Samsung Galaxy Watch update fixes heart rate and battery life problems