Stryd's new wearable power meter wants you to run like the wind (in the wind)

New footpod packs in new sensors to help you better pace your runs
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Stryd, maker of the wearable power meter for runners, is launching its next-generation device which will now take into account running into headwinds, adjusting running power in the more challenging conditions.

The new pod, which is still clipped onto one of your running shoes, has been redesigned and now adds new temperature and humidity sensors to help use the environment to your advantage.

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The ability to read and analyse real-time air and wind conditions is the big draw here, enabling the ability to pace your runs correctly and knowing when you're benefiting from the aiding wind.

Stryd's new wearable power meter wants you to run like the wind (in the wind)

"Every runner wants to perfectly pace their run. They want to be running just as strong at the end of the run as they did at the beginning," said Jamie Williamson, Stryd's CEO. "While the wind's effects are unavoidable, that does not mean that you should run poorly. Stryd makes it possible to pace a run perfectly even in perfect weather conditions."

Away from those wind-related features, Stryd is also adding a magnetometer, though it hasn't revealed just yet how that sensor will be utilised and has been included for future features. Onboard storage has been beefed up to collect more data while antenna range has been increased to ensure data is being accurately relayed to your phone or compatible sports watch.

We are big fans of Stryd here at Wareable HQ having named it our Speciality Sports Wearable of the Year in 2018. We also scored it 4 out of 5 in our review as it continues to be the key wearable bringing the power metric from cycling over to the running realms.

The new Stryd is on sale now price $219, which is a bit more expensive than the previous generation Stryd ($199). It'll start shipping in July and we hope to have one to test out and find out if those new features are worth spending a bit more on.

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