Shft IQ coaches runners from the feet and the chest

Intel Curie-powered wearable uses AI to dish out real-time metrics
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Real-time coaching wearables are becoming a thing and the Shft IQ is the latest that's hoping to help runners go faster, fix that form and reduce the chances of picking up an injury.

Following in the footsteps of the Moov Now, Lumo Run and Intel's Oakley Radar Pace smart glasses, the running wearable is made up of a small pod. This can either be clipped onto a running shoe or around the chest with what looks a bit like a heart rate monitor chest strap.

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Using a series of sensors including a six-axis accelerometer/gyro along and Intel's Curie module, the IQ is able to deliver a whole host of running metrics including landing position, ground contact time, landing angle. It even promises to dish out running efficiency data so it'll work like a running power meter as well.

During your run those readings are interpreted by the onboard software coaching engine. This delivers live audio feedback when headphones are paired to a smartphone that's hooked up to the pod via Bluetooth. It also uses Intel's AI pattern recognition tech to improve the accuracy of measurements.

Shft IQ coaches runners from the feet and the chest

There's a web portal and companion app (iOS and Android) that'll display full body metrics, 3D animations, coach reports, training drills as well as complete running stats. After each run technique is analysed and tips are offered to those areas that need improvements.

This isn't the first wearable the startup has produced having already launched the first Shft device in 2016 that used two pods and was aimed at serious runners. The IQ is firmly aimed at beginner and intermediate runners, but the team hopes that hardcore runners will be able to appreciate the real-time coaching and tracking features too.

The Shft IQ has just hit Kickstarter and is trying to raise $50,000 with a super early bird edition currently on offer for $59. Shipping is expected in September 2017 and if it hits the $70,000 mark, it promises to work on software to let users sync the IQ's data to existing running watches.

Shft IQ coaches runners from the feet and the chest

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