New Wahoo Tickr X heart rate monitor puts focus on running form

Running Smoothness score is here to help you oscillate
New Wahoo Tickr X HRM revealed
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Wahoo has released an update to its Tickr range of heart rate monitor straps – and added a bunch of new high end features.

The previous generation of Tickr and Tickr X were widly popular with cyclists and runners – but have been widely sold out for a while now. The the new range has been slimmed down, and at just 48g including the strap is one of the lightest you’ll find – and is immediately available.

Both feature ANT+ (used by Garmin devices) and Bluetooth connectivity, and you power users will be able to enjoy broadcasting to three different devices simultaneously – which will please the cycling crowd.

The company has also added LEDs to the top of the unit so you can see when it’s connecting – one of the bugbears of chest straps is the mystery of what they’re doing before they connect.

But it’s the Tickr X which gets the biggest range of new features.

As well as heart rate it’s now capable of tracking cadence, vertical oscillation and ground contact time in running activities. That’s the feature set of top end Garmins with the Running Dynamics pod, so it’s great that more people will be able to access that information.

New Wahoo Tickr X heart rate monitor puts focus on running form

Wahoo has introduced a new metric – Running Smoothness – which looks at all these metrics and pulls them together into one score of your running form.

The Tickr/TickrX can store 50 hours of workouts on board the sensor itself, so you don’t need to take your phone out with you to get the data. You’ll be able to see the data within the Wahoo Fitness app.

And what’s more, it will last 500 hours before you need to change the battery.

“We’ve revamped the Tickr and Tickr X to give users class-leading functionality in a design that’s effortless to use and very comfortable to wear,” said Wahoo Product Manager Katie DuPree.

“TICKR and TICKR X redefine what you expect from a heart rate monitor by offering unmatched power, comfort, and convenience whether you’re on a quick lunch ride or running a marathon.”

The TICKR ($49.99) and TICKR X ($79.99) will be available for sale from the 7th May.