​Jawbone pals up with Runtastic to merge fitness data

You'll now get the rewards for your runs within the UP app
​Jawbone pals up with Runtastic
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Jawbone and Runtastic have teamed up so that users can get rewards for their runs in the UP app.

For fitness fans tracking their daily activity, it can be annoying when you go for a long run, but the steps and calorific burn doesn't count towards your daily goals. Well, Jawbone UP fans can rejoice. From today, Runtastic users can sync their data into the Jawbone app and enjoy full rewards.

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It seems to go beyond just a simple addition of calories and activities, too. Jawbone's big on its Smart Coach feature, which essentially peppers your timeline with prompts and tips, but the company claims it will now help you to recover and rehydrate after Runtastic based exercise, which is a neat integration.

"The Runtastic community can now easily share their activity and progress in the UP app, which will then give further personalised insights and guidance – such as staying hydrated post-workout, or matching last week's achievements," said Travis Bogard, vice president of product management and strategy at Jawbone.

The news comes just months after Runtastic was bought by Adidas for €220 million. There's no announcements yet whether data sharing will extend to Adidas' range of fitness watches, or whether there will be integration with the Runtastic Moment – an all day fitness tracker launched earlier this month which plugs into Runtastic Me, a similar app to Jawbone's.