19 essential Jawbone tips: Get more from your Jawbone fitness band

Got an UP24, UP Move, UP2, UP3 or UP4? Here's how to get the best out of it

If you believe the speculation, Jawbone is having a tough time right now, and we haven't seen a new fitness tracker from the company since 2015.

That being said, we're still fans of its family of Fitbit rivals, with notable mentions for the the UP2, the flagship Jawbone UP3 and the budget-friendly UP Move.

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A special mention should also go to the Jawbone UP24. It might be a few years old now but for the money, it's still a great option.

There are actually two different UP apps in the App Store and Google Play, it's clear which one to download for your specific tracker, but they both offer a similar set of features and functions.

The Jawbone UP platform is one of the best in the business, with plenty of features to motivate you to move more throughout the day (and tracking your sleep through the night). We've spent plenty of time living with the various UP activity bands, and we're perfectly placed to bring you a bunch of tips to make the most of Jawbone's colourful wearables.

So take a look through our handy how-to manual for some tips on getting more mileage out of your band...

Smarter insights

One of the main reasons we still go back to Jawbone's trackers is because of the way it handles your data, giving you tips based on the sleep and exercise you log each day.

Jawbone has now added a new Insights section where you can get tips based on things like beating jet lag, receive vegan-friendly food recipes and even dating advice. To turn on the Insights, you'll need to select apps in the dropdown menu inside the Jawbone app to connect them to your profile.

Adjust the environment

You can connect your band to the Nest thermostat to do something pretty cool. Once you've connected the two in the Apps section on the UP app, the temperature in your home can be adjusted on the thermostat based on whether you're just getting up or about to go to bed.

The aim is to find your optimal sleeping temperature, something you can tweak by studying your sleep patterns the next morning.

Pair with other fitness apps

If you're already a bit of a fitness fanatic, chances are you've tried some other fitness platforms such as MyFitnessPal, Runtastic and Withings. The great thing about the Jawbone software is that you can link it to your existing accounts on many of these other platforms.

Simply open up your UP app, tap on Apps in the menu, and then select the ones you want to connect to. RunKeeper, MapMyFitness, Fitmo, Strava, and Sleepio are just a few of the supported apps.

You can get a full list of the compatible apps over in the Jawbone marketplace.

Style up the Move

The Jawbone UP trackers are among the most stylish to wear although the Move still has that pedometer feel to it. Thankfully, if you do want to give it a more fashionable makeover, Jawbone now has a BaubleBar accessory range to cover up the plastic. The bracelets are available in three styles (Tango, Salsa and Disco), hiding away the tracker behind a more luxurious frame.

Up your hydration game

We all know we have to drink a lot of water everyday, but it's easier for some than others. Jawbone plays nice with a host of apps and smart devices including the Pryme Vessyl intelligent cup. If you've got the $99 to buy one, it will integrate hydration data into the Jawbone companion app to add another layer of information on how healthy you've been during the day.

Harness the power of other devices

Your Jawbone UP3 isn't the only device capable of syncing all sorts of powerful data to the UP app. If you have a Withings Smart Scale, you can connect the two services and automatically log your weight every time you step on the scale. Meanwhile the Orange Prep Pad smart food scale can be a great way to accurately log nutritional information through the UP app.

Again, check out the UP marketplace for compatible devices.

Pair your data with your dog's

It stands to reason, those folks who walk their dogs every day get closer to their step goals than those who don't. The Whistle Dog tracker pairs with the Jawbone UP app, enabling you to see both sets of activity data in the same place.

Pro Tip: Want to get more steps in? Get a restless dog.

Customise your alerts

As you progress towards your step goals, the UP3 will vibrate at intervals of 2,000 steps, while you'll get a smartphone notification offering a summary of your steps at 4:30pm. You can customise these in the UP app, by opening the right menu and tapping Activity Alert. Perhaps you'd rather an alert at lunchtime so you know whether you need to do a power hour in the gym or whether it's Burger King for the 4th day straight.

Get data on all devices

If you're using the Jawbone app on more than one device - but you sync with your phone most frequently - you can save yourself from having to sync the band with all your devices separately.

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Install the Jawbone app on your other devices as normal, log in, but don't select the "I have an UP band with me" option.

This way, assuming your Jawbone is syncing with your primary phone, the information will be sent via the Cloud to all your other devices automatically. Useful for when you're sat on the couch with a tablet and you fancy having a quick look over your stats on a bigger screen.

Forget about sleep mode

Another big post-release addition to the Jawbone UP3 is the ability to automatically know when you're falling asleep, this saves the hassle of switching modes by tapping the band, something which didn't work properly half the time anyway. Now the UP3 knows when you nod off and knows when you wake up without you doing anything.

Control your smart home

Jawbone works with other smart home services including SmartThings and IFTTT. There's a bunch of great Jawbone Up recipes already available as well to connect the fitness tracker to other smart home devices like the Philips Hue lightbulbs.

Team up and take part in Duels

Need some extra motivation to get more active? Studies show users with three or more connected friends move by 1,000 more steps a day. Jawbone has a couple of tricks up its sleeve to give you some incentive; whether you're the sort of person who thrives in a shared objective or wants to crush opponents competitively.

The Team aspect allows you to group together with co-workers and pals to tackle collective goals, or take part in league-based trials. The new Duels feature lets UP users compete with each other in step challenges, as well as interacting with each other in the app - sledging is encouraged.

Scan the barcode for faster food logging

You can log all of your meals and snacks into the UP app by typing them in manually or tapping some of the suggested options from the gallery. But there's an even simpler way, though it's not made entirely obvious.

You can simply scan the barcode from the food or drink packaging. Once you're on the main menu for food and drink logging, you should notice a small barcode-like icon in the top left. Tap on it and it'll open your device's camera, which you can use to scan the barcode. It should detect and register it straight away, but don't forget that you can adjust the serving size once it's clocked what you've been putting in your cake hole.

Keep it tight(ish) at the back

Although several new designs address the problem, the standard UP3 clasp is a bit awkward? We actually preferred the free-roaming design of the UP24. Anyway, because of the sensors located around the strap, a fastening is actually necessary. However, these won't be effective if it's not fitted correctly. We're not talking circulation cutting here, just enough for the sensors to be touching the skin at all times.

Save your phone's battery

The Jawbone connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth, but with the Jawbone syncing every 20 minutes, this can turn into a real battery drain. To save juice on your phone, make sure you close the app entirely and switch Bluetooth off on your phone.

Everything will sync when you next open the app with Bluetooth on, but it means you'll be saving juice when your phone's in your pocket.

Schedule a summary UPdate to suit you

The accompanying UP app is clever enough to provide you with a summary of your data at a time of day that you choose. This feature is a little tucked away, but if you head into Settings, then Notification Settings, you'll see some blue text at the bottom that says 'Take Action'. Tap on that and you'll land on the Activity Alert page. On here you can choose the time of day that you'd like to receive your summary.

Opting for a time around mid/late afternoon makes most sense. You want to make sure you've got enough time to catch up if you find you're lagging behind on a particularly inactive day. Make sure that alerts are enabled before you exit the Activity Alert menu.

Set useful reminders

Another feature that's slightly hidden away, the reminders function is a useful way of getting the Jawbone UP to nudge you when it's time to do a particular activity. For example, perhaps you need a dig in the ribs when it's time to hit the hay - you can set up a bedtime reminder that will repeat regularly (say every night at 10:30pm).

You can even add in an amount of time to prepare for bed so your band buzzes, say, 30 minutes before sleep time. There are a few other preset reminders, such as workouts and meal times, but you can also add your own custom reminders too. We'd suggest one for charging the battery each week.

Send your UP data to Apple Health

The Apple Health app on an iPhone enables users to get a complete picture of their health from a number of connected sources. Given your Jawbone UP3 is an absolute whiz at tracking your sleep and why not give it the power to harness that data. Head to Help & Settings in your UP app, enable Health Access. Then open Health and "Allow UP to write data" for Sleep Analysis and Steps.

Plan your charging times

Because of the 7-day battery life, there'll be times when you must part from the UP3 in order to replenish it. However, it's wise to plan charging cycles so the device doesn't conk out on you in the middle of the night and hence skewing the sleep data you've been collecting all month.

What do you think?

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  • MichaelS·

    I really like my Jawbone UP24.  I do have a question and am wondering if anyone has an idea.

    I want to reset or correct my sleep time from last night.  I went to sleep at 9:45pm, woke up for some reason at 10:15pm, and only then remembered to set the Jawbone for sleep mode (from walking mode).  So, it recorded my noight's sleep as beginning at 10:15pm and I would like to correct that so it would record it as beginnoing at 9:45pm.  Is there a way to do this?  Thanks.

    • thegothicbee·

      This is probably from forever ago, but in case anyone else is wondering too: The way it works on the UP24 app is that you would just tap the purple sleep bar from that day (where it says the percentage of your goal you reached), then tap on the little moon icon in the upper right hand corner of the page. This will allow you to add in more sleep. Just make sure it's not overlapping into when it has already recorded your sleep. So if you started it in sleep mode at 10:15, make sure you put the end time for your additional sleep at 10:10 pm or earlier. And double check the dates because it's usually not on the correct date. The great thing about it is that it will usually still show when you were in deep sleep vs light sleep because it was still recording your movements. 

  • janella·

    When I tap on the UP icon on the right, I only see Activity Alert and Reminders.  I don't have Idle Alert or Power nap listed. Any suggestions as to why these features are not listed and how to get them? 

    Also, my UP24 isn't showing data every day.  Sometimes a week will go by and there is no data posted even though the band is charged and I am wearing it.  Thanks for any help.

    • UPfan·

      When I didn't see data for my activity, I realized what had happened was that the Bluetooth connection on my iPhone had inadvertently gotten turned off. As soon as I reconnected it, my UP data was syncing. Without the Bluetooth connection there won't be the transfer of data. Makes sense, but it took me a little time to realize that was what had happened. Hope this helps!

  • mrtdg·

    Been using my UP24 about 6 weeks.  I calibrated, but it is wildly inaccurate.  A 3mi. walk registers around 1000 steps. I counted my steps off, totaling 500. Synced the band and it showed only 71 steps. Am I doing something wrong? I took my 1st band back, but the 2nd did the same.

    Wearing on non-dominate wrist. Can it be thrown off by arm movement while walking? Could carrying an armload of stuff cause it to miss steps?

    So far I'm an unhappy owner.  

    • arete7000·

      I wear mine around my ankle instead of on my wrist. Seems to work pretty well.

  • rascalsally·

    Yes mrtdg, if you are not swinging your arm it doesn't measure. Like when shopping and pushing a cart it's not going to register. I found tucking it into my sock when walking the dog (leash is stable in hand, so less movement in that activity as well) or using a shopping cart helps to record the steps more accurately. It would probably be more accurate if they made it to fit an ankle as opposed to a wrist. I myself have only been using this a few weeks and am still learning but it has helped me to be aware of being sedentary and what or lack of what I am eating. So far I have lost 10 lbs just by tracking my habits using this.

  • Bunny·

    I'm on my third band and now this one won't sync. to my phone and it stopped vibrating. Going to buy a fitbit.

  • djbrouse65·

    I have been using the "Fiber" tracker for a couple days now, it tells me how many grams of fiber I need to reach my daily goal of 25.  Last night I had 4 grams left to reach my goal so I started eating carrots and entered in my food but my grams never changed.  I posted a comment that it would be nice if a tip would suggest foods that I can eat to help me get to my daily goal.  I saw this morning on my phone that I had responses (or thought they were responses), but when I swipe to log on to my phone, I can't find the comments in UPS.  Any suggestions??

  • Klik·

    When I walk on the band at the gym, the steps are not registrerad by my UP24. Why? 

    • GPIo·

      If you are holding onto the treadmill, it wont register since the up down motion is what it tracks

      • alphaaction·

        I walked my granddaughter in a stroller and the UP24 registered the steps, but when I use a treadmill, it only counts about half of the steps.  It is the same on the elliptical.. 

  • mommy275·

    I just got a jawbone up 24. I know it tracks your sleep, but does it track it because you are idle and lying down , or actually asleep.  With my medical conditions I often have trouble sleeping.

    • suziebutterfree·

      hi mommy275

      i suggest using Sleepio app. I have used the Sleepio app for a few months now and it has improved my sleep tremendously, it can be linked/connected to the UP app too. ;)

  • LinscottEmily·

    I love mine!! When I jog or walk on my treadmill I put it on my ankle, I need some teammates to put some challenges in my day!! :) if you would like to add it's under Emily Linscott 

    • AlishaSimko·

      Hey I want some friends on mine too. I just got mine a week ago so I'm going to try to add you, if I don't get it my name is Alisha Simko

      • m_ahmadi39·

        Count me in for as many duels as possible. I'll send you a duel request to be paired. Any other fans, search my name, Mohsen Ahmadi, I'm unbeatable ^_^  just kidding you! please, send me duel requests and we'll have a lot of fun!

  • Fengli·

    I have been wearing up24 for over 3 months and it's a disappointment to say the least.  From time to time IT stops sync with my phone.  One night I left it on the coffee table and it said I woke up 3 times during the night and I walked 50 steps.  Bloody useless and overrated.  I will stop wearing it.  Don't waste your money on a piece of useless garbage. 

  • Romano811·

    having a lot of problems setting up24

  • zenrhe·

    If you click on the Sleep bar at the top of the home page - it then lists the days, select the one you want and it opens up and gives an Edit option.

    I was doing this before I got the band itself, the app would think I went to bed earlier (as i was just sat doing nothing) and I manually correct it in the morning.

  • dcole007·

    I can't delete data when my up is charging and shows no activity on my android phone.  This skews the data because it lowers my average number of steps. Before the recent update there was a pencil icon for editing.  Now I can't find it. 

    • Tinabennett·

      had my band for a week now all seem ok but can't find some foods to put in the food log all so when you set it up & put in your weight is that you weight now or your goal weight 

      Tina Bennett 

      • PamIam·

        Tina, the weight you should enter at set up is your existing weight which you can change over time. You can set a goal weight in the app-click left side icon and then goals. 

        Best bet for food entry-click left hand side icon, scroll down to Apps and sync/download MyFitnessPal. It has the best food library and allows you to enter your own recipes for which it will calculate calories and nutrition. When you add food in MFP, it syncs the info to the UP App. As far as I can tell, it does not sync activity, although it also has a far more extensive list of activities than the Jawbone. 

  • Onyx1·

    DONOT forget to take it off before showering. Jawbone doesn't cover water damage in warranty only factory malfunctions. It is not water resistant. Slash resistant is what Jabone Rep told me over the phone.

  • leellenf1·

    i would like to know ... if i turn off the blue tooth on my phone... how long will my band hold the information till .. i turn the blue tooth back on? 

    • Fjeff59·

      up to nine months according to the privacy conditions. (That we all read

  • over60wpman·

    Suggestion:  I'd love to have the option of choosing pickleball( or at least a tennis/ handball/pickleball type icon) when logging activity/level/time.  Is that in the works?  If there's a way to add an activity not in the icon choices, I need advice as to the way to add.  Thanks.

  • Logon·

    Yes I am very surprised but i can recognise the sleep phases in the sleep graph, and in particular REM phases are very clearly recorded, with some phase 4 intervals.

    If the sensitivity had 3 levels,then phase 4 would not  be labelled as deep sleep and  this would be an invaluable tool to measure sleep and replace expensive and complicated EEG instruments and the need to go to sleep lab may be reduced considerably.

     If you are interested I can send a picture showing how my last night sleep recorded with jawbone up24 matches generic sleep curves! Unbelievable!

    Alain Gonfalone

    128 Chemin de l'Ousière Ferme de la Magdelaine

    84110 Saint Marcellin lès Vaison

  • seasideslut·

    This reads like Jawbone paid you to write it. 

    I'd also point out that if you scan a food item you run the pretty high risk of the values being inaccurate, because they're drawn from a database created by users.

  • hamlet·

    I forgot to wear by Jawbone up for my run this morning. can I manually input the activity?

    • AKirsch·

      Select the plus (+) icon at the bottom of the app - you can add your run and specifics associated with it.  The + icon is in a blue circle at the bottom of the app screen.  No need to scroll down, just appears at the bottom of the app screen.

  • kelmme·

    Signed up this morning for a duel. I just synced after taking a walk and only about 1/2 of the tracked steps appear to be incorporated in the steps tracked for the duel (i.e. I've taken 6141 steps but in the duel report it says I've only taken 3865 steps. What's up? (and yes I am competitive).

  • laurap·

    I have worn my UP 24 for 7 months non-stop and I have loved every minute of it.  It really helped me be aware of my sedentary periods.  I know how far or for how long I need to walk to get my 10,000+ steps in and most of all it REALLY clued me in to how important sleep is.  The sleep monitoring was the high value to me.  But I'm tired of having it on my wrist now and want to stop using it.  I'd kind of like to keep the info, but how do I get it to stop tracking when it is just sitting on my desk, purposely unused?  If I delete the app, does all the info get deleted?  Perhaps I don't actually care about all that old info.  It has worked well about 90% of the time for me - a glitch here and there - and it has helped me lose weight, be energy conscious and sleep aware.  I want to go it alone now.

  • jan·

    Ihave loaded the App and paired my UP2 with myIPhone 4s, 3rd generation IPad and my husbands Iphone 6. I have been using all 3 to look at the data and didn't realise that the Up2 is only syncing with the I Phone 6 and the data is transferring through the App. Both the 4s and IPad show not synced since 17/7 when I initially paired them. I have checked and all 3 are in the list of compatible devices but although I've done everything in the troubleshooting list I can't get it to sync with the 4s or IPad Today is the first time that the IPhone 6 hasn't been around so I haven't realised that it's only been when I opened the App on my husbands phone that it has been syncing. Does anybody know whether it's possible to use 3 devices to sync with or do I just have to choose one. If one can I still use the app on the other 2 devices to check my progress?

  • Prakash·

    not working properly, yesterday I moved approx 6500 steps shows it as 12000 something odd steps & for today it shows only as 23 steps. Is there any mistake in setting & if it is so how to rectify it? Please. Guide.

  • Johan·

    Been suing UP24 for more than 1 year. Have my second one. Just stopped working today - still is brand new but will not connect with my iPhone. Disappointing!! Will now move on to another brand!

  • Luisef·

    I was charging my UP device and I forgot to put it on and then walked. Can you manually add in mileage and/ or steps?

  • redbarrows·

    I have had my jawbone for approximately 7 months now and it has been great.  Went camping this past weekend and took it off several times when I was playing in the water and I notice now that it will no longer track my daily movements, but will still however track my night movements and sleep.

    I have tried doing both a soft and hard reset and neither of these provide a fix.  Can anyone tell me if they have had the same problem, and possibly what they did to correct the problem?

    If this doesn't record my daily activity then it serves no purpose to me, which is a complete disappointment for the money I spent on it.

  • alisha31·

    I've been trying to find a way to get more people to do duels with, is there some website where we can find others who want to compete in duels? I love them because they keep me motivated. :-) if anyone wants a duel buddy my name is Alisha Simko 

  • Skgem·

    I owned the UP24 until a few days ago when it stopped collecting my data. I loved wearing it everyday. So now I own the UP3 which I speedily ordered and I am disappointed in the quality of the band. The bracelet itself in flimsy and does not look as nice to wear as the other. People ask why I have 2 watches.  

    Please go back to the UP24 design keeping the new features if the UP3. 

    I have recommended the UP24 to many persons who have bought it but I know they won't buy the UP3 just for the sake of the crappy band! 

  • Mika·

    Since i have UP3 the "MOTION CALIBRATION & DISTANCE" GPS signal is always on, is this normal?

  • Angele·

    I accidentally added my sleep manually and the band added it automatically so now I have doubled the hours slept.  Can I go back and remove the hours I added manually?

  • rasset·

    bought mine from groupon as I have had Fitbit flex for a few months but wanted some addional features. What a disappointment. Steps don't record. Won't sync with my phone or iPad properly. It is just rubbish although it looks nice. Am returning it for my money back citing trades description. Contacted jawbone, they suggested some things and offered a phone call, but really, get a Fitbit! Hassle free, constant syncs, no problems. 

  • ehchristoffel·

    If I go for a run should i be logging it, or does the step counter account for it? I don't want to be logging something twice. 

  • pinkjen·

    I have just gotten the Jawbone Up3 for Christmas and I love it. The only thing I've noticed though is that it doesn't make it very easy to track water... or at least that I've seen. It looks like the app is totally different from iOS to Android. iOS has a seperate option for adding water where as the droid does not. 

    Am I missing something or can anyone help? So far I've just been adding daily water to the Food/ Drink section. 

  • SDawn·

    I often show friends how great the UP app is compared to other brands. I have my UP move linked to My Fitness Pal and on the UP app it has my weight displayed in my daily feed. Is there a way to turn the weight off but keep the other things in the daily feed with my friends step count and mine and my meals?

  • Natureschild63·

    my job doesn't allow me to wear anything other than a wedding ring below the elbow, can the UP2 be attached elsewhere?

  • Mommabee32·

    I gave my up 24 to my sister how do We get it to register on her phone she can download the free app but it keeps going back to the original email how can that get changed thanks for the help in advance

  • Mommabee32·

    iI have a up 24 and I want to give it to my sister but we cannot get it to read her phone I need to know how to change the email so that it was sent to her phone thanks

    • m.sawh·


             Could you just clarify something? What phone are you trying to sync the UP24 with? Have you also disconnected it from yours as well?


  • Emmq·

    Hello all, I got the Jawbone up2 for xmas and I love it, but I can't get my sleep statistics. I have my phone Bluetooth on and I'm wearing the band.  I have switched modes but I get nothing watch night.....what am I doing wrong? 



  • Royston·

    Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong please. I can't get my jawbone 2 to log my sleep.  I have noticed if I go to bed after midnight, when I try to verify my zzz's it comes up with a message wrong date or time, and then I have to cancel the sleep that has been recorded.

  • prayuj·

    I just bought the jawbone up2 and it wont sync with my phone. When searching for the band too, the app cannot find my band even if its charged competely. I need assistance

  • UPNFR·

    I have an UP24, my routine hasn't changed other than I go to the gym a bit more, however for the last 10 days the step % has only been 25 to 35%, where as before it was either nearly 100 or over by the end of the day. Is there something wrong with it, getting frustrated with it now

  • CeCe·

    The sleep monitor is one of the most important features on my UP2 for my insomniac tendencies. Though it records the first time I sleep, once I'm up for a while and then sleep/nap again, the second sleep doesn't get logged. Other than entering the info manually, is there anything I can do to have the info recorded without my input? After all, the point of having a wearable is to not have to record this stuff manually. I received the up2 as a birthday gift a few days ago and enjoying keeping track of my steps and increasing them each day. I've synced it to the LoseIt app which is awesome and quickly learning all the other features and hoping to get this sleep logging issues resolved soon...

  • Sinem·

    I have up3. The idle alert doesnt vibrate during the weekends. No problem within the weekdays. There is only a time period set so that it will vibrate. Even there is no option for the day selection. How come it vibrated during the weekdays only? I also tried the soft reset.

    I wrote 10s of mails to the Jawbone Support, but I didnt get any response. 

    Can someone comment what the problem can be?

  • Jawbone1964·


    I'm learing to use my Jawbone UP3. Although it's registrating my heartbeat during day- and night time, it doesn't register my hardrate while running/training. Which I think is pretty poor. I don't want to go running with my iPhone with me; have a seperate running watch. How can I track my heartbeat whilst running and wearing my UP3?


    • jojojohnn·

      up3 needs to be be pretty tight on your wrist for hear rate. maybe when you are running it is moving around a bit too much.

  • Userc·

    Very disappointed! My jawbone has the stupidest of writ and clasps...that keeps coming undone.

    It also stops syncing via Bluetooth  with my iPad... Even though other devices do flawlessly 

    Not recommending this to anyone! Junk is junk 

  • ESykes·

    How do I correct my name?  I just set up my device (Up 2) and set up with a typo in my name.  I don't see an edit option?? 

  • CanuckDuck·

    With all the keen features and sensors with the UP3, is there a partner app that works best for quitting smoking? It would be cool to monitor the effects of resting heart rate, calories burnt, and activity tracking with the reduction of cigarettes. 

  • Spookee63·

    Am a Jawbone newbie , wondering if I can switch between different bands as I am obviously (!) needing to sometimes wear different colours :) How easy is it to do this? Any tips?

  • markanada·

    Anyone know if there's a way to turn bluetooth of on the band?

    Correct me if i'm wrong, but I assume that, because it syncs automatically when you launch the app on the phone, then bluetooth must be always broadcasting from the UP band.

    I don't want bluetooth broadcasting next to my head when I'm sleeping. Is there a way to turn off bluetooth on the band? 

    (Or correct my assumption that bluetooth is always on and broadcasting).

    Thanks in advance!

  • upz3·

    my up3 register 5000 steps even when I'm not wearing it?? Does the app itself track our steps? 

  • Yesss·

    Ok, so what if I didnt fill in the right weight at the start with the settings? It seems like I can not delete a weight point in time?

  • momof3·

    my husband and i both have up24. Is there a way to have them both connected to the same app? Also our kids have one coming in the mail soon. How can i put theirs on my phone too?


  • Newnew·

    I was given an up4 a few days ago for my bday. My first thought: why an up4? I don't even have a visa. That's when I discovered a super hack.

    You can have your up4band be the key in unlocking your phone. I have a galaxy s6, and instead of using fingerprint or pattern to unlock I use the up4s nfc to unlock it. Pretty cool. 

  • Newnew·

    up4 is a secret key to unlocking your phone. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere so I had to post. Because it has an nfc chip in the band for payment (which I don't use) you can set your phone up to unlock when you tap the band to the back of your phone. It's pretty sweet

  • Loulabelle38·

    Hi I love my UP2(?) it's great at yanking my sleep, how much deep sleep & light sleep I have and also how hasn't times I've woken. However I've noticed lately it seems far less steps for same distances,& being on a walking stick, holding shopping bag upto my chest to put less strain on my back, (chronic back problem) seems to being affecting the count, so after reading threads, going to try it on my ankle and see how it goes?

  • rocmo1999·

    I can't get my Up24 to sync with S.Health. when I select Jawbone from S.Health it goes to some re-direct site and says it can't find whatever it needs to complete the process.  I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing the cache, with no luck.

  • Paulpa·

    error message - whoops, looks like something went wrong - comes when I tried to submit my page. Please address my concern.

    Paul P A



  • Paulpa·

    Sir,I have two UP3 (teel cross model) by Jawbone, one 8 months old and the other one month. I bought the new one, when rubber band of the old one got broken. Old one was working properly, but for the broken band.I put the new UP3 for charging immediately on unboxing. It showed only orange ikon and no runner ikon. All the same, I could add the new device initially to my account and both device were working alternately when connected to my smartphone (Moto X Play). There was no pairing problem to Bluetooth or login issue on to the App downloaded from Google Play.But now both the devices stopped working, the old one showing runner ikon, albeit.The error messages shown on the phone when I tried to pair the device or login to App alternately, are given below. On pairing:-1.Pairing rejected by UP3.2.Could not pair. Please make sure UP3 is in pairing mode.3.Cannot pair UP3 due to incorrect pin or passcode. Please try again.On login:-4.Cannot validate email id or password in the App. Please try again.5.Cannot submit forgot password option in the App.6.'Choose your UP option' in the App when selected, a pop up message 'no internet connection' appears.There is no problem with my internet connection/email id or password. I have tried all the available methods to activate the device, but invain.Please address my concern/help fix the issues.Paul P A, Mob.919447478058

  • DonaldLochotzki·

    I have been using myUP24 for awhile but now my android next book was reset to factory settings when I open app it tells me to sign in I keep getting that email or password incorrect but will not send anything to my email to state how to fix any clue