​Prepare to say goodbye to the iconic Galaxy Watch rotating bezel

Iconic feature for the chop
​Goodbye Galaxy Watch rotating bezel
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will lose the iconic rotating bezel – if new rumors are to be believed.

The tip emerged from Twitter leaker IceUniverse, who has been at the forefront of Galaxy Watch 5 rumors emerging from South Korea.

In response to a Twitter user talking about a rotating bezel, the seemingly in the know tipster said: “Unfortunately, the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will disappoint you.”

The rotating bezel has been a unique feature of Galaxy Watch smartwatches, and is a key part of their identity. It was ditched for the Galaxy Watch 4, but it remained on the Watch 4 Classic.

However, if current rumors are to be believed, the Galaxy Watch 5 will come in two sizes of the standard smartwatch, and then the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

We don’t know too much about the new iteration, but rumors point to a huge battery and a possible larger screen.

So could this be the end for the rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch for good?

Well, the move to Wear OS does make the feature makes less sense. Tizen OS – the operating system used on Galaxy Watch up until last year – was built around the feature, with icons arranged in a circle, which made the bezel the perfect tactile controller.

Wear OS uses a much more linear design, so it feels increasingly like a legacy of older Galaxy smartwatches. We’d also presume it’s more expensive and challenging to incorporate into the design, and comes with trade-offs, such as the chunky bezel found on the current Galaxy Watch 4 Classic.

We’re expecting the Galaxy Watch 5 to be unveiled around September 2022, when Samsung usually unveils big changes to its smartphone line-up.