​Olive band tracks your stress levels and stops you hulking out

Clever tech can track how you're feeling, and calm you down
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If you ever find yourself seething with rage on the road or bubbling over at work, Olive may be the wearable for you.

This tracking band isn’t interested in the amount of steps you take or the calories you burn, but how stressed you’re feeling. It works by monitoring a number of metrics, such as skin perspiration, muscle tension and heart rate, to work out when you’re feeling a little hot under the collar.

When stress is detected, the band then tries to offer a number of calming stimuli, from taking you through breathing exercises, or just pulsing in a relaxing way, reminding you to take a step back and not get caught up in stressful situations.

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Olive will also record your stress into a calendar, and you can also record good moments by double-tapping the band, to build up a picture of the ups and downs in your day.

It works with and without a smartphone and when not paired will still track your tension and signal when you need to relax. The smartphone integration offers more detailed coping methods and tips.

The band’s design appears quite feminine in the Indiegogo campaign, but the modular design means you can swap bands, making it suitable for both sexes. Inside is a range of sensors, including optical pulse, skin conductance and skin temperature, and a 3-axis accelerometer, ambient light sensor and an LED matrix that produces waves of light, that warn you when you’re about to hulk out.

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The Olive band has gone down a storm in its crowdfunding round so far, and has received over $80,000 in its first week, on its way to a $100,000 goal.


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