Amazon could be working on smartglasses with Alexa built into the frame

A new security camera and Echo refresh may also be on the way
Amazon prepares a pair of Alexa smartglasses
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Amazon could be set to test the wearable market with a pair of smartglasses that builds its Alexa voice assistant into the frame.

After developing its line of Amazon Echo smart speakers in recent years, a report in the Financial Times now indicates the retail giant will try out wearables next with a pair of regular looking glasses that harness bone conduction technology to bring in Alexa.

That appears to be about as smart as these glasses will go, though — it's unlikely there will be a Snap Specs-style camera, while the chances that any kind of AR element is involved is also slim. However, interestingly, Google Glass founder Babak Parviz has apparently been part of the project since his shift across to Amazon in 2014.

While the smartglasses would mark a new hardware direction for Amazon, it's also reported that the company is working on a smart home security camera set up as well. This would be independent from the arsenal of Echo devices Amazon has built up, although, as you might expect, would work in conjunction with the likes of the Amazon Echo Show in order to let you view the feed.

We could see one or both of the fresh devices before the end of the year, according to the FT, alongside refreshed Echo products. With the Echo itself currently unavailable on Amazon US, and under a significant price cut on Amazon UK, a successor would appear to be nailed on.

Still, the big news here is still the potential smartglasses. And while the prominence of smart speakers has grown exponentially thanks to players such as Amazon, whether it can influence the smartglasses space in a similar fashion remains to be seen. This is still a concept people are generally unfamiliar with, and it's more likely we see a slower adoption of any smartglasses until mainstream options flood the market.

Amazon could be working on smartglasses with Alexa built into the frame