Misfit Vapor first look: Fashion and fitness collide with Android Wear

Misfit's first proper smartwatch goes big on style - with less features than promised
Misfit Vapor gets the Google touch

The days of Misfit the fitness tracker startup are over. Since being bought by the Fossil Group, the company has turned its head to smartwatches too.

It's already launched the Misfit Phase, its first hybrid smartwatch, with the new Misfit Command to follow, and now it's getting more ambitious with the Misfit Vapor, a full-fat Android Wear smartwatch that's moving firmly into Apple Watch Series 2 territory.

We've now played with the Vapor a few times since it was announced in January, but now we're gearing up for its October 2017 release with a few more details on features from IFA 2017. We've no price details yet, but we should get a review sample in the coming weeks. For now here's our first impressions of the Vapor.

Misfit Vapor: New looks, old looks

Misfit Vapor first look: A mix of Android Wear and

In terms of design, nothing has changed. It's the same circular smartwatch with a full touchscreen display, 5 ATM water resistance and an optical heart rate monitor, making it the first smartwatch under the Fossil umbrella to offer those fitness-focused features.

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Building on the design cues of the Phase and clearly taking some inspiration from Fossil's legion of watch brands, it's no surprise to find that the Vapor looks great up close with its sleek stainless steel frame and stylish interchangeable straps. It actually reminds us a little of the Moto 360.

There's just a single physical button on the side and that's essentially your means to turn the 1.39-inch OLED display on and off. When it's on, it's an absolute beaut with rich, deep blacks that really help the display stand out.

Misfit Vapor first look: A mix of Android Wear and

What initially helped Misfit stand out from the plethora of other smartwatches out there was that this would come with its own operating system, which was refreshing in an sea of Android Wear. But just two months after the first announcement, Misfit said it was canning its OS and jumping to the good ship Android Wear after all.

That was a bit of a shame, because Misfit's proprietary OS was pretty nifty, taking better advantage of that round screen with a more circularly-oriented UI; apps showed in a scrollable wheel that went around the outside of the screen.

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Still, Misfit hasn't just loaded on Android Wear and let be - the Wear experience definitely has a Misfit flavor running through it, starting with the custom Vapor watch face, which remains completely intact. From there you can check your heart rate or instantly start a workout, which boots up Misfit's activity app. Yup, you've got the choice of Misfit Activity or Google Fit right out of the box.

One of the other stand-out features is the touch sensitive bezel, which has been carried over in the Android transition and takes advantage of Wear's support for rotational input. You can browse the menus this way, while some of Misfit's custom apps will also integrate it.

It felt like a bold move for Misfit to go it alone, and for many reasons it was probably the right decision in the end to opt for an ecosystem that's already in a pretty good place. Mobvoi has made the same decision with its new Ticwatches, moving from its proprietary software to Google's.

Misfit Vapor: Fitness factor

Misfit Vapor first look: Designer looks with a sporty interior

Another thing that is different, as we have now clarified with Misfit, is that the GPS is no longer built in. Instead it's using a connected GPS that will take its signal from your smartphone. The upside: you'll still be able to track those runs. Downside: you'll obviously need your phone with you to do so.

Likewise on the changes front, sleep tracking - another Misfit tracker staple - has now been ditched as the team wanted to focus on getting battery life to a day, as per usual Android Wear standards.

We're interested to see how this performs as a fitness watch, but expectations are that it won't be a Polar contender in that department. Misfit has already told us we shouldn't be comparing this to high-end performance sports watches, which suggests it might not be the best choice for high intensity workouts. But we'll see.

It does at least have a good array of fitness focused hardware with the standard 3-axis accelerometer on board and waterproofing matching the Ray and Shine fitness trackers for resistance.

Misfit's own operating system promised applications, notifications and the ability to transfer music over to the watch. You'll still get that of course, plus all the Wear goodies like Google Assistant support, standalone apps, and improved Google Fit support. But there's a bit of Misfit running through its veins, which we really like.

Misfit Vapor: Initial verdict

Misfit Vapor first look: Android Wear gets an interesting twist

The Vapor definitely looks the part regardless of the software. When you think about the changes, it's actually much more in line with the other smartwatches from Fossil Group this fall: the Fossil Q Venture and Q Explorist for instance.

Everything that was taking it in a more tracker/sports watch direction has got the chop. The one addition we would have liked was NFC for contactless payments but Fossil Group could be waiting until it can roll this out globally.

We just hope that Misfit can deliver on its sleek, Android Wear plus experience to really give it a chance of succeeding to give it a chance against what Apple, Fitbit, Samsung and the rest of the Android Wear family have to offer.

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  • BillyB3 says:

    Misfit support told me it doesn't have built in GPS and the website says the same (Connected Location Services).

    Does it actually have built-in GPS? Did you test it without a phone within Bluetooth range?

  • rktakami says:

    I wish Misfit would put it on sale already.

    • ia1976 says:

      No GPS or wireless sync which is no problem for me coming from a Pebble. I want it more for swimming, which it has and other fitness tracking. Just looking for an upgrade to my Pebble at this point.

  • larrygold says:

    Does misfit usually reduce the price during pre-sale? 

  • JulesBunny says:

    Battery life seems a worry - I was looking forward to a fitness watch that could last a week between charges and not something that needs an every night boost. 

    Shame the pebble technology never got picked up and bought to market. 

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