​Withings Move ECG launch is being held up by FDA and CE approval

It could be a few months yet before the hybrid is on your wrist
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Withings announced its Move ECG hybrid smartwatch with the Apple Watch-rivalling feature back in January, and slated that it would launch in Q2 2019 - the period between March and July.

Now that we are almost into May, there's still no sign of it, so we reached out to Withings to get an update on whether it'll be sooner or later in that timescale. And, from the sounds of it, it looks like there's still a bit of a wait. Here's the official statement Withings provided us with:

"Move ECG is currently under review for CE and FDA clearance. While the timings of these approvals are out of the control of Withings and completely in the hands of regulators, we expect the process to be completed in the coming months, allowing us to get Move ECG onto the wrists of customers as soon as we can.”

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So, that could mean it still hits the intended launch window, but, like Apple, it will obviously need to make sure its ECG feature has the thumbs up from regulators in the US and Europe to start detecting signs associated with heart health issues, such as atrial fibrillation.

Apple launched the Watch Series 4 back in September 2018 with the built-in ECG feature, but the serious health monitoring feature wasn't switched on by Apple until the end of 2018. It then rolled out the feature on in more countries back in March.

It's clearly a process that does take time, and no doubt Withings wants to make sure it gets it right before people can start taking ECG readings from a hybrid for the first time.


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