Casio G-Shock and Everlast made a hybrid for lovers of the sweet science

Boxing themed watch keeps those smarts basic
Casio G-Shock and Everlast unveil hybrid
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Casio G-Shock has teamed up with boxing brand Everlast to produce a limited edition version of its GDB800 hybrid smartwatch.

The new GBA800EL-4A makes several nods to the sport and the iconic brand, covering the watch in boxing glove red while also engraving the Everlast logo on the back of the case. When the LED backlight is activated on the digital display, Everlast's "Choice of Champions" motto also illuminates.

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Casio's hybrids currently don't match the smart powers of connected wrist companions like the Garmin Vivomove HR or the Withings Steel Sport HR. You won't find any boxing-centric features here, but what you do get is basic fitness tracking thanks to the onboard three-axis accelerometer sensor.

From the digital display, you'll be able to view step count data, an hourly step graph with a status indicator to help you keep track of whether you're hitting your daily activity goals.

Data is synced over Bluetooth to the G-Shock Connected companion smartphone app where you can see graphs of steps taken and calories burned broken down by five metabolic equivalent (MET) levels for each day, week and month. Additionally, wearers can see the precise location where steps were taken to see where you've been most active during the day.

If you're all about your interval workouts, you can also configure up to 20 sets of five timers on the app and send the created workout to the watch.

Other features include a stopwatch, dual-time view, dust and water resistance to 200 metres, letting you take it for a dip in the water.

The special edition GBA800 hybrid is going on sale in July for $160 and will be sold in retailers including Macy's, the G-Shock Soho Store and from

Casio buddies up with Everlast for boxing hybrid