Hello, the company behind the Sense sleep tracker, is shutting down

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Hello, the company behind the Sense sleep trackers, is shutting down soon, CEO James Proud announced today. Proud said the decision comes as it is currently looking for a "new home" for its Sense products.

The company has laid off most of its staff and is looking for a buyer, Axios reported just before the announcement. One investor says the company held "fire sale" talks with Fitbit, but no deal was reached.

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The company started off trying to build a wearable tracker before switching gears and building a sleep-tracking device, heading to Kickstarter to fund it. Since then, it's released the Sense sleep tracker and the Sense sleep tracker with voice commands.

Both devices were able to track air quality, light, noise pollution, luminosity and humidity. The newer device, however, is also able to keep track of UV light, volatile organic compounds, barometric pressure and light temperature. It could even be synced up to Nest Thermostat and Philips Hue to create the perfect wake-up time.

In his announcement, Proud attempted to answer some questions about the future of Sense products, but also cautioned that he doesn't have all the answers yet. For instance, while Hello is shutting down he's unsure if the company's products will shut down since it is looking for a company to purchase and sell the Sense trackers. Sense users will also receive an email by the end of the week detailing how they can delete their account and keep their data. And, finally, Hello will not be able to deliver refunds to those who directly purchased from it, though third-party retailers might be able to deliver on that.

Wareable has reached out for comment but has not yet heard back.

Hello, the company behind the Sense sleep tracker, is shutting down

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