SensoGlove improves your golf swing

Get the best score on the green with this tech-friendly glove

Improving your golf swing just got a little bit easier with the launch of the SensoGlove. It is a sporty wearable with built-in sensors that monitor the pressure of your grip to help you achieve more consistent swings throughout your game.

A golfer's grip is essential to a great swing and most players have a bad habit of holding on too tightly to their clubs. The SensoGlove is designed to provide the user with real-time audio and visual feedback so golfers can practice their swing on the putting green.

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The glove is made from high quality cabretta leather and has small pressure sensors strategically placed throughout the fingers and palm.

The removable 1.2-inch LED digital monitor displays an analysis of the player's grip at 80 times per second and gives information about which fingers are gripping to tightly.

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Because the information is stored on the digital monitor attached to the glove, there is no need to download any app or have a smartphone nearby. Since the monitor is removeable, it can be switched over to a replacement glove.

The SensoGlove comes in sizes small to X-large and is priced at $89. Replacement gloves can be purchased for $23. It is available now from the company's website.


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