Garmin Vivomove Luxe is a hybrid that features dual displays

IFA 2019: New Vivomove comes in a multiple range of stylish looks
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Garmin is upgrading its Vivomove hybrid smartwatch by letting you see more of your data without giving up that look of a more traditional timepiece.

The Vivomove series as its now known, comes in a range of different models depending on how you want those connected smarts to look around your wrist.

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Up first is the Vivomove 3, which is available in 44mm and 39mm (Vivomove 3S) size options. This model is available with a stainless steel bezel, interchangeable silicone bands and a hidden touchscreen display. That display works in a similar way to the one on the Vivomove HR, smartly moving the physical watch hands out of the way to reveal the smart display.

That smart display can show off notifications, 24/7 fitness tracking feature and built-in tracking modes for the likes of walking, running and strength training. There's no built-in GPS, but connected GPS means you can use your phone's phone GPS if you want to map outdoor activities.

Health features including advanced sleep tracking using the onboard pulse ox sensor, stress tracking and new hydration tracking. The latter though does the take the form of a simple water logging feature that lies in the Garmin Connect companion app.

The Vivomove Luxe steps things up a notch in the looks front and is available with a 42mm stainless steel bezel and stainless steel casing with a leather or metal strap. The big difference from the Vivomove 3 is that you get two AMOLED color touchscreens with moving hands and a domed sapphire crystal lens.

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There's also the Vivomove Style, which features a 42mm watch case and dual display setup with your choice of woven nylon or silicone bands. It features an aluminium bezel and aluminium casing with a Corning Gorilla Glass lens. One feature that both the Style and Luxe have that the 3 doesn't is Garmin Pay support.

The Vivomove series in all of its many looks and models will be available in the last quarter of 2019. Prices start at $249.99 going up to $549.99 for the more feature-packed versions of the Garmin hybrid. You can pre-order one now direct from Garmin.

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