​Garmin Lily is a 34mm slimmed down smartwatch aimed at women

This 34mm smartwatch uses patterned glass for a dose of slimmed-down style
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Garmin has launched a new sport and wellness focused smartwatch aimed specifically at women – the Garmin Lily.

The Garmin Lily shrinks the case size down to just 34mm, making it one of the smallest on the market. For context, the smallest Apple Watch comes in a 40mm case, and the similar-looking Vivomove hybrid is 39mm.

It comes in two options: classic, which uses stainless steel case and a leather band, and Sport, which stars an aluminium case and silicone strap better suited to getting sweaty.

The Garmin Lily Sport is set to cost and the Lily Classic and are available now.

​Garmin Lily is a 34mm slimmed down smartwatch aimed at women

The Lily Classic family

It sports T-bar lugs to hold in a 14mm strap, which is also significantly smaller than the standard 18mm you’ll generally find on rival slimmed-down smartwatches.

The screen is a low-res LCD affair (resolution not published), which isn’t always on. However, when the screen dims the patterned lens leaves a design on the screen, so you won’t be carrying a dead display around on the wrist.

In terms of features, it matches up to the Garmin Vivomove pretty well, with a definite shift towards wellness over fitness. There’s step tracking, 24/7 heart rate monitoring, stress, hydration, SpO2 and the Body Battery feature that measures energy.

​Garmin Lily is a 34mm slimmed down smartwatch aimed at women

The more affordable Lily Sport with silicone strap

And Garmin’s new pregnancy features also make the cut, which star alongside the company’s existing cycle tracking.

However, somewhat disappointingly, there’s no dedicated GPS for tracking of outdoor workouts and you’ll have to take a paired smartphone along for the ride.

Sports modes include indoor and outdoor running, and dedicated tracking for yoga and pilates.

But like all Garmin devices, it’s got 5ATM water resistance so it’s good for the pool.

We’ll be testing the Garmin Lily over the next few weeks so stay tuned for our review.

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