New Garmin Index S2 smart scale has a new feature to help smash your weight goals

Flattening the curve and the belly
Garmin Index S2 smart scale revealed
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Garmin has upgraded its smart scales to make it easier to keep an eye on your weight data in Garmin Connect.

Hot on the heels of the Garmin Venu Sq and new Forerunner 745, the Index S2 smart scale has been slimmed down, and changes to have a color display – should you need to see your depressing stats in even greater detail.

If, like us, you obsess over the day-to-day fluctuations in weight, the Index S2 will average weight over a 30-day period. It’s totally normal for weight to go up and down based on a number of factors, flattening out the curve helps you identify longer term changes. This should make it easier for you to check whether you’ve got everything in balance.

However, some people – athletes in particular – will want to focus on these immediate changes.

The weight difference before and after a workout or training session can reveal how hydrated (or dehydrated) you are. So the Index S2 calculates a difference between your current and previous reading, which can indicate if you need to take on more fluids.

In terms of metrics, it’s pretty much the same deal as before – with weight, body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle mass, bone mass and body water percentage all tracked.

The Index S2 uses Wi-Fi to sync to Garmin Connect, so you can track your stats alongside your runs, cycles and other health metrics.

And it will also play nicely with Apple Health and Google Fit, so you can collate your weight data there too.

You get a battery life of 9 months, and the Garmin Index S2 will set you back $149.99