Garmin Epix Pro (Gen 2) comes in three sizes – and adds flashlight

Garmin's best overall watch is finally available for bigger and smaller wrists
Garmin garmin epix pro gen 2 announcement
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Garmin has officially unveiled the Epix Pro (Gen 2) series, a mid-cycle update to its premium outdoor watch lineup that adds an optimized heart rate sensor, a flashlight, and new sizes to pick from.

While the Epix (Gen 2) released in 2022 was only available in a 47mm case, Garmin has added 42mm and 51mm case options here, meaning it now parallels the also-new Fenix 7 Pro range.

It still comes with the same exhaustive list of features, sports profiles, and top-tier Garmin insights as its predecessor, but a few neat additions have also made the cut here.

Quick look features:

  • Sport-specific optimized HR sensor
  • Endurance score
  • Hill Score
  • Flashlight on all models
  • 42/47/51mm versions

Dark mode and design tweaks

The Epix Pro (Gen 2) watches have all taken inspiration from the Fenix, with the flashlight that first appeared on the Fenix 7X now appearing on all models.

It means each device is now much safer to use during darker training excursions and winter workouts, with this newfound dark side also bolstered by a 'Red Shift Mode'.

This is kind of like the feature we've seen on the Apple Watch Ultra, with Garmin's equivalent changing the display's colors to shades of red in order to help users acclimate to dark conditions and reduce sleep cycle disturbances. 

Wareablegarmin epix pro 2 heart rate monitor

Like with the Fenix 7 Pro, Garmin is also touting a new sport-specific, 'optimized' heart rate sensor array on the rear of the Epix Pro (Gen 2). 

We'll have to test this out further in order to figure out what exactly has changed from the regular Elevate 4.0 optical heart rate sensor found on the likes of the Forerunner 965, but Garmin suggests it should improve accuracy.

New Endurance Score & Hill Score metrics

A couple of new software features are debuting on the Epix Pro (Gen 2) line, as well. 

The recently leaked Endurance Score metric is on board, with the company describing how this can be used to measure how easy it is to sustain prolonged efforts.

In order to make this a personal and accurate insight, the user's VO2 Max, Acute Load, and Chronic Load are all taken into account. 

Hill Score is also fresh, with, as you would guess, this gauging how you find running uphill. This is measured by evaluating running power on steep climbs and running endurance during long ascents, with this again crossed with VO2 Max data and training history.

Prices, colors, and availability

No matter which size option you prefer, each of the new Epix Pro (Gen 2) editions is available to buy immediately, though waiting times may vary based on colors and editions.

Of course, with the Epix Pro range continuing to feature AMOLED displays, there are no solar editions on offer here (unlike the Fenix Pro). However, there are a couple of color options in each size to pick from.

Wareablegarmin epix pro 2 new features

As we've seen with the Fenix range, you also have the choice to pay extra for the sapphire glass covering.

For the 42mm Epix Pro, you'll be able to pick between black/black, gold/sand, and titanium/white, while the 47mm and 51mm models and all Sapphire Edition devices are available in the same black/black and titanium/white finishes.

Each case size also has a premium edition, which essentially replaces the silicone band with a woven or leather option.

Prices begin at $899.99 / £829.99 for the 42mm and 47mm editions and escalate to $1,099 / £1,099 for the most premium version of the 51mm case.

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