Garmin Approach S40 golf watch is designed for use on and off the course

Latest Garmin golf wearable joins S60 and S10 watches
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Garmin continues to bolster its array of golf wearables, unveiling a new GPS watch designed for wear both on and off the course.

The new Approach S40 will sit in between the S60 and S10 golf watches, offering users a design akin to the Forerunner 645 range. There's a 1.2-inch color touchscreen for users to play around with, while quick release bands allow the style to be switched up. So, a sporty strap on the course could easily be substituted for a more formal band, without the need to change the watch itself.

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And in terms of features, it's a similar package to what available in the S60; AutoShot Game Tracking to project the distance of each stroke and GPS to lock onto the user's location and offer accurate distances to hazards, doglegs and also to the front, middle and back of the green. This, of course, is dependent on you playing at one of the 41,000 pre-loaded courses available on the S40.

Green View will also be available on the watch, in order to let wearers move the pin to the day's location, while scorecards and course information can all be viewed through the Garmin Golf app.

Battery life on the course lasts for 15 hours, while Garmin notes the S40 can maintain 10 days of play time when it's in smartwatch mode.

There's a couple of smartwatch and fitness tracking features, too, in order to boost the experience off the course. The S40 can be linked to a smartphone over Bluetooth in order to receive notifications, while the wearer's daily steps and sleep can also be tracked.

Garmin indicates the S40 will be available in Q2 2019, with prices starting from and rising to for those who want to bundle in three of the Approach CT10 club sensors.

Garmin Approach S40 golf watch is designed for use on and off the course

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