Fossil's newest Android Wear watches have August release date

The Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches are the latest Fossil fare
New Fossil Android Wear watches on horizon

The Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches were announced during Baselworld and now it looks like the two Android Wear wearables have a 29 August release date.

If you find yourself struggling over which one to pick, there isn't a huge difference between the two 45mm steel cased timepieces, at least on the software side. Rather, it's a small matter of design that you'll be deciding on. The Q Wander has a curving, multi-finish case with wire lugs while the Q Marshal has a rugged case.

The devices have options for personalization including interchangeable straps in leather, silicone and stainless steel plus plenty of options for customizable dials, including the dial's color, numbering, hand style, color and sub-eyes.

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With Android Wear, both the Q Wander and Q Marshal feature touchscreens, always-on displays and a haptic sensor that vibrates when you receive a notification like calls, text messages, emails and app alerts. You can also view texts and emails on your smartwatch when it's paired with an Android or iPhone device. However Android smartphone users can also respond to messages from the smartwatch by tapping the touchscreen or by using voice commands while Apple users cannot.

On the fitness front, the Fossils have activity tracking and step to monitor walking, jogging and running. Google Fit, Under Armour's UA Record, UP by Jawbone and MyFitness Pal are all also integrated.

The Fossil Q Wander and Q Marshal smartwatches are up for pre-order on 12 August starting at $295. It's a hefty price but considering Fossil has a huge lineup planned with some wearables out and more on the way, there's likely something for everyone including the budget conscious - if $95 sounds appealing, maybe the Fossil Q Motion fitness tracker?

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  • rjphllps7 says:

    You would think that with a new version of smart watches that we could see one without a flat tire option... until then I and a number of people I know will not buy this. Technology is getting better but if this is where its at I will wait until they can get the screen a full circle.

    • xToddrick says:

      If you have an iPhone then you can get the, much more functional, rectangular screened, Apple Watch right now with no flat tire.

      • Thinking says:

        But then they would have an iPhone and an Apple Watch :/ One being only a fashion item really these days, the other being completely confused about what it is. Also, Wear and Watch have the same functionality, takes calls and reply to notifications, except you don't need any hands at all to navigate the world of Wear. Just flick with the wrist. It's to take you away from your phone, just a notification centre, not some whole new device that is impossible to navigate and need two hands to use. If you have both hands available, then why would you not just use you hands for the phone? And AND AAAND talking about that, you don't actually need your phone to deal with Wear. Just a wifi signal to connect to your phone wherever it is. Plus there are round, flat tyre (with sensors in the flat part) and square ones on Wear. Also, they don't cost a shed load for no reason. Finally, Apple watch doesn't work well as a watch cuz the screen is always effin off and needs to be constantly flicked like a moron to check the time, the one thing a watch should easily do. +1 more, Apple watch is the worst thing to look at, it doesn't look like a watch, why do I or anyone want a black rectangle on my wrist, cuz ya know, the screen isn't always on showing a pretty face. One more, it shows that you will literally spend anything on whatever Apple release, even though it's shody software and gross to look at. But the heart rate sensor is just great! But then FitBit is better for 1/3rd the price. But Wear is sadly not completely available for iOS, (Google Now is just miles upon miles ahead of Siri on the wearable) so Apple does have that going for Apple Watch!

      • Exagon says:

        Rectangular screens are indeed more functional, but it's a matter of taste. Functional is fine but I just don't like the looks of rectangular watches. The only exception would be the Heuer Monaco, the sole and irrational reason being that Steve McQueen wore one in Le Mans.

  • GeminiPete says:

    I have to say I find Fossil's decision to go with the flat tire completely bewildering. Though there may be some small percentage of users who claim they must have an auto brightness feature, I can say from experience it doesn't work very well as It can be very slow to respond at times and thus more often than not its too dark when you want it brighter and too bright when you dont want it be and you end up fiddling with the brightness anyway! I ended up turning auto off and just keeping it on a 2 setting. This I was stuck with a flat tire for no good reason. As Fossil is firstly a watch company. You'd think they'd make sure the watch face, traditional especially - is unencumbered and looks good like a fashionable watch should. Really I wish these companies would simply make 2 variants, one with flat tire and one with a full beautiful screen and let the public decide what they want. 

  • Umlamont says:

    I purchased the Q watch and was told the battery would  last 2-3 da on a single charge.  My experience is less than half a day before it dies!   Either the battery is defective or  this is a poorly designed product!

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