Whoop launches Strength Trainer to analyze musculoskeletal strain

And new content angle turns your Whoop into a PT
Whoop Strength Trainer
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Whoop has released its Strength Trainer feature for Whoop 4.0, which measures the physiological impact of exercises on the body. 

The Strength Trainer was announced earlier this year, alongside the Stress Monitor and new pricing structure for subscribers, and aims to offer bespoke information for those that do strength, weights, and functional fitness workouts.

It tracks exercises, reps, and weight usage, utilizing the Whoop 4.0 band’s accelerometer and gyroscope sensors to estimate the strain on the musculoskeletal system. 

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It creates a dedicated  Whoop Strain score that now provides users with a comprehensive view of the body's overall demands.

Strength Trainer's unique approach quantifies the cumulative impact of a strength workout on the musculoskeletal system by taking into account the volume and intensity of training, using distinctive movement profiles for every exercise. 

It works by users creating custom routines from a library of over 200 exercises – so it acts as a trainer, as well as a workout monitor. That means you don’t have to log each set as you go, which is tiresome, to say the least. The app also offers exercise demonstrations and superset options.

There are also pre-built workouts from Whoop ambassadors, including Michael Phelps, Patrick Mahomes, Rory McIlroy, Colleen Quigley, and Sloane Stephens. 

WhoopStrength Trainer

After a workout, users can view detailed performance analytics, enabling them to optimize their fitness routines and achieve their goals.

In terms of wearables for the gym, the options have been undeniably poor. A handful of niche wearables have offered simple rep tracking. But analysis…that’s been relatively nonexistent.

Whoop has dominated the space for functional fitness thanks to its focus on readiness and recovery – but that isn’t quite the same for those that push weights. This is the first wearable to really focus on strength in this manner, and that’s exciting.

We’re testing the new Strength Monitor feature out, and it’s landing on Whoop devices already. 

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