Wahoo 7 Minute Workout on Apple TV plays nice with Tickr X heart rate monitor

Hook your Tickr X up to make sure you're getting a proper workout
Wahoo Apple TV app works with Tickr X
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We don't know if Davina McCall's fitness videos still fly off the shelves in the the quest to fight the festive flab, but if you still like working out in front of the TV, Wahoo has announced that its 7 Minute Workout app has landed for Apple TV.

The principle is essentially the same as the smartphone app, which is also available for the Apple Watch, giving you 12 bodyweight exercises to punish your body in seven minutes without the need for any expensive exercise equipment.

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Where things do get interesting is that you can pair the Wahoo Tickr X heart rate monitor chest strap to Apple's streaming set-top box via Bluetooth to record and analyse your performance.

This will let you see heart rate data to measure workout intensity, record calories burned and it'll even help correct form and count reps. That information will appear on the right hand side of the TV so you there's no need to look down at the Wahoo Android or iOS companion app to see how you're getting on.

This is one of the first of the Apple TV apps that will let you connect external hardware and it's unlikely to be the last that takes the advantage of the Bluetooth support. We fully anticipate more fitness apps to take a leaf out of Wahoo's book and bring wearables and your TV closer together.

You can download the Wahoo 7 Minute Workout app for Apple TV by heading to the App Store. It's free as well, so it'll cost a lot less than a gym membership that's for sure. There are additional workouts you can purchase as well though if you get bored of doing the same sessions.

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