Polar Beat app makeover brings smarter coaching and running insights

Take your heart rate based training up a notch

Polar has been busy recently getting its software in order including introducing a new dedicated running program. Now its turning its attention to the Polar Beat app to help you get more from your heart rate based training.

The refreshed app is still best optimised for Polar's H7 heart rate monitor chest strap and is available for free on iPhones and Android phones.

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You'll still be able to track distance and map routes via GPS, with 100 sports supported and voice guidance to keep you on track during training. Along with a sleek, new UI, there's also a few new features that we think runners will mostly appreciate.

First up is the new Fitness Test to help determine users' aerobic fitness. This is actually something that was actually introduced with the Polar A360 fitness tracker when paired with the Polar H7.

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It's also adding a new Running Index that aims to offer insights into running performance, a Benefit Target to set targets and receive guidance to achieve goals and an Energy Pointer that shows fat-burning in real time.

If you're a Polar Flow users, data from Beat can be synced across letting you add training data to your activity and sleep tracking data.

We've used the Polar Beat app quite a lot, particularly when testing the heart rate accuracy of any new fitness trackers and smartwatches we get our hands on. So we definitely welcome any changes that make it a better experience.

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  • Markgeg·

    I dont see it anywhere...

  • Partap·

    Hmm. Haven't tried it yet, but it deleted all my old workout data...not so cool.

    Also, they took away the "Other Indoor" sport category, so the only indoor workout types are weight training, indoor cycling and treadmill running.  Not sure if it affects the data at all (I assume not), but I guess I'll have to call my T25 workouts one of those now...

  • Another_runner·

    Polar Beat has had 'Fitness Test' and 'Running Index'  for at least the couple of years I have been using it - neither are new with this user interface refresh.

    Unfortunately the refresh has removed functionality (phone screen no longer remains active during an activity, some workout categories removed etc) and worsened reliability (syncing with Polar Flow broken - Polar support recommending I don't try for now until fixed, flaky Bluetooth connectivity to H7 heart rate monitor).

    For now I have switched to Endomondo with connects flawlessly with the H7, screen remains active during workout etc). I'll stick with Endomondo unless Polar can fix this iteration of Polar Beat. As shame because I did like both the Running Index and Fitness Test in the previous version...

  • HeartTrainer·

    The old version of Polar Beat connected to Google Fit, so that all your Android apps could use that data.

    After the new rewrite of Polar Beat, they've taken the connectivity with Google Fit away.

    I guess Polar wants to force users into its own online storage. But I want to connect to Google Fit. I've started using other apps that give Google Fit connectivity.