Polar launches Running Program to bring coaching to the wrist

Adaptive plans offer live guidance and exercise videos to prevent injuries
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Polar is introducing a running program integrated into its Polar Flow app that works with its line of running watches and fitness trackers to help you build the perfect training plan.

Sounding a lot like what Adidas currently offers through its MiCoach training app, Polar is aiming to take things further offering adaptive plans and real time coaching.

It'll also offer exercises with video support focused on key areas of the body affected by running including the back, ankles as well as strengthening the all important core. The aim is not only to get the right type of training but to also increase running efficiency and to hopefully prevent serious injury.

Letting you choose from 5K, 10K, half marathon or marathon events, users will receive a program that can last anywhere from 9 to 15 weeks. If you're getting that training in well in advance, it'll also create a plan to help you build up to the time when you really need to put the miles in.

Training days will be based on training history and your current fitness level adapting based on your performance. Workout types are broken down to easy jog, medium run, long run, tempo run, interval and event day. So there's plenty of variety here and should ensure you are working on all of the important aspects of running a race.

To get the best experience, Polar suggests using it with its Polar M400 or Polar V800 running watches where you'll get live guidance including the ability to view target heart rate zones. It's also compatible with the Polar A360 and A300 trackers as well as the Loop & Loop 2.

If you want to try it out, you can find out more information over on the Polar Running Program homepage or update the Polar Flow app to start planning.

Polar launches Running Program to bring coaching to the wrist

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