Moov HR tackles heart rate monitoring from the head

Third generation Moov wearable works on land and in the water
Moov HR monitors heart rate from the head

Moov, makers of Wareable Tech Awards nominee the Moov Now, is back with the Moov HR, a head-worn wearable that claims to offer the world's most accurate heart rate monitor.

Building on the real-time coaching capabilities of the original Moov and the Now, the HR is a small circular sensor that sits inside a small silicone case and slips inside a sweatband or swimming cap.

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It features an optical sensor that uses similar light-based technology that we've already seen used in the Apple Watch and the Fitbit Charge 2. The big difference here is that Moov has moved the tech up to the head.

The company says the decision to measure heart rate higher up the body is all down to improving accuracy. Apparently, by positioning the sensor to the high temples on the side of the head where the skin is thinner, sensor movement is reduced and there's increased blood flow, makes for more reliable readings.

Workouts that take advantage of the Moov HR are largely based around high intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts as users aim to hit target heart rate zones. It works with running, indoor cycling and performing bodyweight circuits.

That heart rate data can also be combined with the motion tracking you get with the Moov Now adding passive heart rate tracking for workouts including indoor and outdoor cycling, cardio boxing and running. You'll also benefit from AI-powered real-time coaching to get an even greater insight into your workout session.

For swimmers, the ability to slip the wearable inside Moov's silicone swimming cap means you can get reliable heart rate data during pool sessions. Wrist-based optical heart rate sensors struggle in the water so this is definitely a good thing if you spend most of your time training in the pool.

In terms of battery life, you can expect to get six hours of continuous use or one week if you're not having a mammoth session. Data is still recorded inside the Moov companion app, but there's now third party app support letting you use the wearable with other health and fitness apps.

You can pre-order the Moov HR now for $59.95 from the Moov website, which jumps up to $99.90 when it starts shipping in. You can pick from the sweatband or swim cap accessory and if you lose them you can buy them separately as well. There will also be a Sweat and Swim package at launch that includes both headgear and will be priced at $99.90.

We hope to be donning the headband and the swimming cap in the near future to see if the Moov HR delivers the goods in the gym, out on a run and in the pool.

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