​Misfit redesigns Shine 2 Action Clip to stop the damn tracker falling out

It looks like Misfit's finally solved its strap problem
​Misfit redesign Shine 2 Action Clip
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Misfit has redesigned the Shine 2's strap to make its fitness tracker more secure.

Problems with the tracking unit dropping out of the band was a big complaint with the first Misfit Shine, but the introduction of the Action Clip on the Shine 2 was supposed to remedy that. Unfortunately, it wasn't successful, with Wareable's review highlighting that the Shine 2 was even less secure than the original.

Misfit, which was bought by Fossil late last year, has now returned with an improved Action Clip, which partially encases the Shine. It's also changing packaging to deliver the Shine 2 already installed into its clip.

"We've updated the Shine 2 Action Clip so it's more secure than the first and will come pre-installed for users," a spokesperson for Misfit told Wareable.

We've received an early look at the new Shine design and it's certainly more secure than before – a definite improvement. That wouldn't be difficult, as our Shine 2 managed to detach less that an hour into the original review period. However, we're going to keep it on our wrist for a couple of months and then update our Misfit Shine 2 review.