​Misfit Flash review

The cheap fitness tracker is on sale for Christmas but should it be in your stocking?

Anyone considering buying a fitness tracker this Christmas will certainly have their eye caught by the Misfit Flash. An update to the existing Misfit Shine, it offers all the same functionality but at just £50 it's nearly half the price.

But is this the best cheap fitness tracker to buy this Christmas, or is it simply another budget compromise? We put the Misfit Flash through its paces to find out in our in-depth review.

Misfit Flash: Features and design

When you take your flagship product and halve the price, build quality is usually the first casualty – and the Misfit Flash is no exception to this rule. Plastic prevails over metal and the curiously attractive metallic, er, shine of the Shine is replaced by dull matte finish on the Flash.

The good news for design aficionados is that Misfit has released the Flash with a series of bright and bold colours, which makes choosing your ideal band a little more personable. They seem to be aimed at the younger audience, as few of the choices naturally pair with business wear.

The design differences aren't all cosmetic, however. Misfit identified that the Shine's strap was inadequate for holding the unit in place, and that the touch-sensitive face for accessing goal progress and the clock was frustrating to use – so these have been addressed. The surface is now a physical button with brighter LEDs, and the Flash slips into the back of the strap, meaning it can't fall out.

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It still boggles the mind that Misfit can't secure its tracker effectively within a strap. Yes, thanks to the laws of physics the Flash can't slip out due to the pressure of your arm, but pressing the button is enough to worryingly disengage the disc from its housing and cause it to sit misaligned in the cradle.

Back to the plus points though and the design is fully waterproof, so not only will it survive the shower it can also be used in the pool, which headlines an impressive line-up of features that outstrip many of its rivals.

Misfit Flash: Activity tracking

In terms of activity tracking, the Misfit Flash certainly does more than your average fitness band.

First up is steps and sleep tracking, which is the standard fare of any activity tracker in 2014. We found both to be extremely accurate, tracking inline with other wearable devices, such as the Withings Pulse Ox and Pebble smartwatch (using the Misfit app).

Sleep tracking is automatically detected, so there's no need to remember to switch on a sleep-tracking mode, as with competitors such as the Withings Pulse.

However, unlike other basic trackers, you can specify when you're about to start exercising. The Misfit Flash will track running, swimming, walking, cycling and even tennis and basketball.

The reason it's adept at tracking so many sports is because the Misfit Flash can be positioned on more than one point on the body. If you're swimming or walking, it wants to be on the wrist; but for cycling you should put it on your shoe for best results.

While the onus is on you, the user, to carry around the secondary clip and remember to start and end the tracking procedure, it makes the Flash much more versatile than trackers like the Withings Pulse or the Fitbit Flex.

What's more, by working on the foot, the Flash will track gym cycling, where more expensive sports watches that use GPS will be utterly stumped. Very clever stuff indeed.

However, the interpretation of this information is key to the Flash's longevity and usefulness, so read on to find out how the app fared in our tests.

Misfit Flash: App

There's no question the Misfit Flash is an incredibly adept tracker, and its versatility puts it head and shoulders above its competitors. However, despite a recent redesign of the app, the analysis side of the equation still leaves a lot to be desired.

The app itself is much improved, especially on Android, which was nearly devoid of any features back in May 2014. The iOS app was always more feature rich, and looks good with activity categorised day-by-day, which is easy to swipe through and examine.

However, when you delve in, there's little to peruse or analyse.

A simple graphic shows your steps, calories and miles walked, with two graphs showing goal progress and the points you were most active in the day. You can also pull up and any periods of activity are marked, such as your run, cycle or swim. Unfortunately, there's zero information about your performance to look at, such as strokes, pace or distance to review – just a meaningless points score.

The lack of analysis is a real let down, because it undermines the great strides Misfit has made in making the Flash so potent.

The woes continue for sleep tracking, too. Tap the sleep tab and you can see a graph of your light and deep sleep and a figure of the amount of restful sleep you achieved. There's little explanation in the app of what “restful sleep" means, and the graph is so small and the scale so vague that we quickly lost interest.

The alarm was also nearly useless, using iOS at least, because like any other third-party app, it requires your iPhone to be kept awake in “lights out mode", making it less effective and user friendly than the standard Apple offering.

One good part of the app is the social aspects, where you can see how friends that use Misfit wearables are performing, which can be an extra little motivator.

It's also compatible with Apple Health, but for now the only information that the iPhone's fitness tracking app pulls in is step data.

Misfit Flash: Battery life

Battery life is an area that the Misfit Flash excels, and like its older brother the Misfit Shine, it uses a watch battery that keeps it powered for six months or longer.

While other devices such as the Fitbit Flex or the Withings Pulse need charging every few days, not having to frequently juice up your device is a huge benefit, and the less time the device spends on charge, the more time it will spend tracking your life.

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Misfit Flash
By Misfit
The Misfit Flash’s excellent array of features at a great price shows why you shouldn’t need to pay over £50 for a basic activity tracker. While the design and build are still far from perfect, and the analysis of your daily activity has a way to go, Misfit just made activity tracking accessible for everyone, and we’re sure it’s going to be a hit this Christmas. In order to score it higher we’d want a bit more detail within the app – an area we’re sure Misfit will improve on over time.

  • Exceptional battery life
  • Fantastic price
  • Not just a step counter
  • Light on usable data
  • Not exactly chic
  • Strap still extremely flimsy

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  • carminemolina·

    I just lost my second one in 4 months. Both lost while wearing the sports band. 1st one I bought, but second was a gift. I loved the product but too expensive to have to replace for a third time. The point is obviously to wear it all the time, but that sports band I think needs a slightly different design to hold the chip better. I don't like those other clunky wrist moniters and that's why I'm so upset that I lost a SECOND one! Very frustrated that have a couple of my Health Apps linked to it and now I need to start over with something else. 

    • p.lamkin·

      You mean the Shine right? That's a shame...the Flash is a bit cheaper though and does all the same tracking.

    • justthiscomment·

      Same thing happened to me.  First time it fell out of sportsband thankfully I was at home and found it.  Unfortunately for me I lost it permanently on the clasp. So incredibly frustrating.  I don't understand how its supposed to be reliable if it gets lost on a brisk walk.

    • Scuba901·

      I have owned three Misfit Flash units. The first and third units worked for less than two months, and then would not restart following insertion of a new battery! The third unit was a replacement for the first unit, and worked for about eight months. So actually went through 2-3 batteries before not restarting upon insertion of a new battery!!! I do like the info you units provide, but their service level is far below that which I will continue using your units. I never swam with any of the units and I always play tennis with the unit on my left arm, thus they have never been subjected to severe conditions!

    • 214cayman·

      I have owned three Misfit Flash units. The first and third units worked for less than two months, and then would not restart following insertion of a new battery! The third unit was a replacement for the first unit, and worked for about eight months. So actually went through 2-3 batteries before not restarting upon insertion of a new battery!!! I do like the info you units provide, but their service level is far below that which I will continue using your units. I never swam with any of the units and I always play tennis with the unit on my left arm, thus they have never been subjected to severe conditions!

  • flash_proof·

    Not waterproof!!! Buyer beware I went through two of these by diving into a pool

    • Sciteach78·

      Wore it once in the pool, stopped working, opened it and it was wet inside; works on/off now.  Already had to have strap replaced, too.

    • DLS·

      I agree...I used it for 15 minutes in an above ground pool for light swimming and 2 hours later it stopped working.  I had only used for two weeks.  Since I needed to take a pic of the seriel number which is under the battery for support purposes, I rubbed the battery between my fingers briefly to remove any moisture (even though I didn't see any) 'just in case'.  When I put the battery back in, it started working again!!  So must be the Flash is waterproofish...the battery isn't!

  • Marge·

    Just got it for Christmas. According to device I walked 1.6 miles and burned 1,500 calories. Seems a bit high, but okay. It also pointed me to the "lose it" app but both fail to give instructions on how to integrate them.

  • DCl·

    I do not find the sleep tracker app function correctly. It monitored me as sleeping for 3.36 hrs on day one, zero hrs for day 2 and I will have to see how it functions for day three. This information is not accurate since I napped on day 2 and it showed no sleep during the day or night. 

    • fb_10·

      It will track sleep if you fall asleep between 7pm and 5am, though it will continue to track beyond 5am if you are still asleep (in my experience anyway). It doesn't track naps or sleep during the day.

  • Diana·

    I received the Flash for Christmas and couldn't get it to stay in the band when pressed (like to check the time). First day the band snapped clean through on one side from having to constantly re-secure the Flash. The unit fell out unbeknownst to me. We later found it in under a piece of furniture. Without a working wristband, I put my Flash in the clip and stuck it on my pocket. It fell out of the clip while I was away from home and is now lost for good. I had the thing for a week. I'll be buying something different instead.

  • 48382084·

    To all the people losing their flashes. I had the same problem of it not securing into the wristband. Now this isn't ideal if you have already lost it but as a precaution I put a small cut down strip of insulation tape around the unit before placing In the sports band. Seems to be holding very well and not moving anymore when checking progress etc. 

    I agree with everyone else, there should have been a better designed, more secure band for the flash, however this fix has cost pence and would really be worth trying if you haven't lost your flash completely, I haven't tested it long term but it seems to be working for now.

  • rangerkimi·

    I have noticed with the flash if I have it on clip attached to my bra it dose not count my steps why is that

    • Indiaaitken·

      It tracks by movement rather than GPS. If it's attached to your chest it wouldn't register much movement as you walked, you'd probably have better luck on your wrist or foot.

  • Frequentflyer·

    I wore my Flash for less than three weeks when I discovered in on the kitchen floor as the band snapped in half. Very disappointed in the quality of the  band. Misfit did send me a new strap after providing a photo of the broken one, my information and jumping through hoops. I included the original purchase order/sales receipt to expedite replacement.  Seems a BIT much when I purchased it directly from their website. I like the product and hope this band lasts a BIT longer!

  • Cbm·

    Was loving the devise, however... In a week the strap has broke and the apparatus just stopped working.  Anyone know where to take it in canada to replace the battery?

  • Pissed·

    I received a Misfit Flash for Christmas 2014. The CHEAP plastic band broke Feb. 4, 2015. 

  • Priest85·

    First band broke while sleeping after just three days. Misfit replaced within a week. Unit stopped functioning after two weeks. Second band broke when trying to remove the unit from it. Customer service no longer responds to emails.

    Not worth the money.

  • Priest85·


    Strap broke after three days. A week to replace. Unit stopped working after two. New strap broke while removing unit from it. Customer service won't even respond to email.

    Pathetic. Save your money.

    • mhorne6·

      same thing happened to me; bought one for myself and three other gifts. Two of the bands broke right away. could not get a response to my email to replace the bands, and cannot find a way to purchase a replacement band. Very disappointed in the quality and customer service.


  • morwen151·

    I got mine for Christmas, and it is working great. I wear it all the time, even in the shower, and have had no problems with it coming loose. It was bought from Best Buy for $25, half the price that it's listed for now. I am very happy with the band. I lost the clip once (tucked onto my boot cuff) and it slid off when I was crossing my legs. So now if I use the clip I tie my shoelaces through both the top and bottom. I slide the clip through the crossed laces and then run the ends of the laces through the little loop on the clip and tie them off. I hope that is a good description. I haven't had a problem since and this works very well to keep it secure.

  • Helen·

    The band is terrible! I have broken 2 of them but lucky I found the flash.  Come on ...is it that hard to engineer a well made band.

  • armyrt·

    Same here. My wife went to the kiddie pool and hers stopped working. I swam 2 laps and my quite working. Neither was exposed to more than 2-3 feet of water. NOT WATERPROOF.

    • mmw·

      I'm on my second Flash- the first was replaced after it stopped working- I opened it up and water came pouring out. The second has just done the same thing. This is from swimming a few laps. The band also broke and I was quite annoyed to see that Misfit don't offer a replacement. I'm quite annoyed- I really liked the functionality and it was exactly what I was looking for, but it doesn't seem to be physically robust enough to do the job. I specifically bought it because it's one of the few trackers that's waterproof but it doesn't seem to be.  

      • halasiek·

        Same thing happened to me, the band and clip broke within 2 days of each other. However, I wrote to customer service with a picture and both pieces were replaced within a few days. I have just written to customer service to get my 3rd Misfit flash, in less than 3 months, and this time I will not wear it into the pool even though that was my main reason for purchasing the unit.

  • Shari·

    I got my for Christmas and wore it all the time. Even went swimming and took a bath with it and today it just stopped working. We changed the battery and it still wont work. Wont buy this item again if it only works for a few month. 

  • Peggy·

    I purchased two Misfit Flashes from the Misfit website - one for me, and one for my hubby.  After 2 days, my husband's stopped working. Worked with Customer service and they replaced it. I had issues with my band cracking and breaking.  I reglued it several times and then I worked with Customer Service and they replaced the band. Customer service was awesome. I do believe that the flash is not completely waterproof, as my husband's unit stopped working again, after he wore it swimming.  When we checked the battery, there was moisture in the unit.  After it dried, it started working again.  As I said before, Customer Service was very helpful and I was satisfied, although it took about a week to get replacements.  I prefer the wrist band, but I wish it was stronger. The Misfit Shine has metal wrist bands, however I have not been able to get any information if the Flash will fit inside the Shine's band.  I would love to upgrade the band.  Until I find a better solution, I may have to use some tape as someone recommended. I don't want to lose my Flash!

  • AngelJuliet·

    the misfit flashes calorie count is way off you only burn between 400 and 500 calories in 10,000 steps not in the thousands! Makes me very upset and wish I had never got one. If that feature were fixed however I would be very happy.

    • RachelH·

      Sorry, but it's your calculations that are off. While it would be nice if walking 10,000 steps actually burned thousands of calories, a simple Internet check will confirm that the caloric range burned is indeed between 400-500 calories.

  • Okeribok·

    garbage. Mine broke after a week. Feels and looks cheap. No help from misfit. Limited syncing options. Do NOT buy.

  • scottish·

    To all those who have broken their misfit flash bands:  I paid $25. at Best Buy this Christmas and also bought 2 more as gifts.  The delicate circular part of the band broke by mid-Feb and I seethed because I loved the functionality and did not get my money's worth. I took the clip, which I had no intention of using, and cut off the hook and everything else around the circular hold.  I used tin clips.  I popped the flash into the circular hold, minding the bevel on both pieces.  With the flash in the circular hold, the Shine replacements bands work.  I've been wearing my flash around my ankle for the past 4 weeks.  Shame on Misfit.  With just a cheap circular piece, these things could be a lot more durable.

    • tyler_c·

      I want to try that solution (I'd rather wear it on my ankle full time anyhow).

      Would you be willing to email me a picture of your modified clip / strap solution?


      at mac

      Thank you.

  • Kelvin·

    Misfit Flash strap repair

    Who hasn’t had their Flash strap break? Well actually I didn’t but my wife broke it for me. Here is a repair method that will work.

    Materials: thin spatula or knife, hair dryer, methylene chloride (paint-stripper).

    Take care not to pull the break open too far otherwise you will break the other side (done that). With a small glob of methylene chloride, about the size of a pin head, place it on the two broken faces. Work quickly to rub the two faces together to dissolve the plastic, line them up correctly and hold. Use the hairdryer to apply heat to the broken area, a second person here is really helpful so you can hold the broken faces without them slipping, the methylene chloride will bubble, heat until the bubbling stops (about 1 minute)don’t burn your fingers (tried that)! Leave to set fully for 24 hours. Fixed. The diameter will be slightly smaller but not enough to worry about. Be aware that Methylene chloride is toxic but those small amounts is negligible, wash your hands after use.

  • Pxystx·

    My issue either the flash is the battery. I had to replace the battery within 1 week of purchasing the flash. I have been unsuccessful in getting the flash to work. I have tried 3 new batteries thinking it was the quality of the battery, but after the 3rd battery I'm starting to think its the flash that doesn't work. 

  • Claudia·

    I can't figure out how to turn off the alarm.  Any advise??

  • ShannonLily·

    I love the device and the activity tracker. I agree with the comments about the bands-- both my band and my clip broke so I just kept it in my pocket. My issue with the flash is that it is not durable. I had my first one for two months before it stopped working. Customer service was helpful in replacing it for me. But after another month, my second device stopped working and again customer service replaced it. My third one also only lasted a month before it stopped tracking and I just gave up. I don't want to have to get a replacement once a month. The issue cited for the problem was always "battery contact". I guess you get what you pay for when it comes to activity trackers...

    • JMcGK·

      The band broke on mine within a week from trying to snap the disk into place.  It just doesn't fit,but the device works perfectly.  I patched the band together with crazy glue, put the disk in place and put a small strip of duct tape on the underside to keep it in place.  No problem since. Even when I opened the back to see the insides, it is still remains waterproof.  I leave t on 24/7 so am wearing it in the shower and swimming pool and it remains waterproof.  It has proven to be good value for me and appears to be accurate.  Needs a redesign on the strap but otherwise an amazing value for $29. They obviously need some redesign but they are in the right ballpark.

  • esar·

    I think I'll be gluing it into the holder with hot melt glue

  • Amparo·

    horrible experience with flash. Bought it for Xmas for me and my family. Was ashamed of result. Wristbands break all the time. My father lost his while walking and mine stopped working after first bath in swimming pool. Customer care service did not answer in weeks and after a few chats they sent me a shine in replacement for my flash that was second hand and did not work!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • birkettbarb·

    After swimming in the pool for the past couple of weeks I found that when I pressed the Misfit Flash there were no lights, though it would update on my ipad. Today it wouldn't update so I went to change the battery and battery is corroded. I thought it was waterproof? Would the chlorine in the pool have something to do with that?

  • Cheryl·

    yes I purchased the Flash even with all the comments of a lost device thinking that if I was very careful I wouldn't lose it....Wrongo! Gardening yesterday, put the device in the clip with the clip outside and the device inside my front pocket. I have 3 very large areas that I was working. Gone after 2 hours of heavy gardening. Of course I had the black one and it is pretty invisible in all the soil and such. I searched and searched. Very bummed. What to try next, I don't want to lose it.

  • Gail·

    I purchased the Misfit Flash about a year ago. After 3 weeks of use the band broke. Ordered a new band and 4 weeks after that the disc popped out and I never found it. I thought I would give the Misfit Shine a try and the band didn't break but once again the disc popped out and I am left with cheap plastic bands. The clip alternative is also useless at properly tracking activity and keeping the disc secure. It's amazing to me that this company isn't taking responsibility for a very poor design. Fool me once, fool me twice, but definitely not three! 

    • GoGoMan·

      It is called 'misfit' for a reason I guess :-P The product certainly lived up to its name.

  • apg·

    I haven't had any problems with the band but am very disillusioned with the misfit flash because the app loses my steps! I walk and walk and get a good number of steps. I Reach my goal but then i look and most of my steps have just disappeared! Anyone else have this happen to them?

  • Trawhe·

    i feel I need to post this..

    I have had the misfit flash since Oct. 7th. 

    I had my steps deleted once, e-mailed customer service and they replied telling me that I should only sync on one device, though I can view my steps on multiple devices. Fixed the problem, it hasn't done it since.

    I never put the band on that came with the misfit flash. I read too many reviews complaining about it. I ordered an $8 band from iguerburn. It's excellent (it has a back and the flash fits securely down in it)

    I wear it daily and have been impressed with its accuracy. Enough that I encouraged a friend of mine to buy one and she loves it. I ordered my sister one and she loves it too. (We challenge each other by the month using screen shots of our months data)

    I would recommend this for anyone not able or willing to shell out for a fitbit or more expensive device. 

    My battery is still full and I sync 1-3 times daily and tap it quite often.

    I bought the flash, and the iguerburn band on amazon. Total price $28

    • goldiegirl0707·

      Is there more thsn one choice of Iguerburn band?

  • Active·

    I used my Shine frequently, but realized it didn't count my activity when I wore it on my wrist and rode a bike or went to spin class. Got around this by wearing it on my leg.  Didn't have any problems until the first battery replacement (after about 3 months of wearing it full time).  It took a few days before it started syncing again.  Unfortunately after the second battery replacement (after 3 more months); it stopped working.  I don't know whether this had something to do with the new app software.  But basically, it stopped working after less than a year, but the warranty only covers 60 days. Won't be buying another one.

  • BlackCat·

    I got the flash for Christmas 2015

    and at first it was difficult to use because the instruction are very vague on how to use the device. after fiddling with it for a bit, i figured out how to use it and downloaded the two apps to make it work properly as well as the sleep bot app too. 

    It works great and  i love it!, dislike the cheap wrist band and i use only the waist clip, havent lost it yet but i make sure to verify that it is still in place every so often. 

    Gives a pretty good reading on how much ive walk/ calories as well as sleep.

    I do not plan on using it in the water, for fear of it falling off / damages. but its overall cool ( im 25 female)  

  • abandjo·

    I got a Shine just before Christmas, on my birthday. I loved it. But on New Years Eve, while dancing (no trance house or any above 138 bpm), I was not even running, cycling or playing tennis, I lost it in the crowd. The price is too high to buy another one and after reading all comments, I think Misfit/Shine use the Apple style of marketing to sell it. But the product isn't good enough, in terms of reliability. Any suggestions for an alternative with a better wristband strap? Cheers, Ab

  • Del962051·

    I bought the misfit for my 11 year old son for Christmas and he loves it. It motivates him to achieve his 1000 point daily goal and keeps him active daily. He has become mindful of his steps as he is working out or playing. He likes to sync it often to track his progress towards his daily goal. I make him take it off before he showers to preserve it. I am going to take a few precautions to try to prevent him from loosing it. So far he loves it and it was a great value.

  • HappyFlash·

    I've owned the Flash for a couple weeks now. No issues yet with band quality or with the unit falling out. I do see, however how that might be possible, as many have complained. Here is my brief assessment.

    - Accuracy: so I go running a few times a week. It has been cold lately, so a few runs have been on a treadmill. With activity mode on, and set to running, the mileage matches the treadmill either perfectly, or within a tenth of a mile. Now that's a treadmill mile (a discussion for another day). I ran with it outdoors on a hilly road with a gps watch on my other wrist. I have come to highly trust the gps unit for 10 years, being far more accurate than any phone or app that I have tried. The Flash unit, again matches the gps with shocking accuracy. All it knows about me is height and weight, not my stride, leg length, or armswing distances. Perhaps I'm exceedingly average. I once returned a fitbit within a month because I could not get it even close to any other measuring device at my disposal.

    - Sleep track: again, not sure what wizardry they put in this thing, but it seems to never fail with sleep and awake times. Even a 10-minute wee hour diaper changing is reported as awake for the appropriate duration. *I do wish that it reported sleep patterns with better terminology, like rem and such, but maybe misfit shied away from medical terms for liability reasons.

    - Timepiece: I've seen reviews that rip apart this feature. By default it shows activity progress towards your set goal first, then the time. This order is reversible in the app. Which is how I have it set. The time readout takes a bit to get used to, but nothing cosmic. One press, then you have your time displayed in a second, with precision of 2.5 minutes (only displays hours, and minutes at the five minute mark). This is the second major complaint of the time function that I have read about (first being that it occurs after the progress meter). I find that for purposes of this device I rarely require time more precise than the fives. This is perfectly acceptable to me.

    - Price: I paid $100 for the very basic fitbit (which I returned) and it was very high maintenance. I mean, how do you get accurate whole-day activity tracking when it's on the charger everyday? (Sorry for the rant). The Flash I picked up at a retail store, not an overseas web store, on sale for $15. FIFTEEN BUCKS. After my dismal experience with the fitbit, I didn't have a ton of hope for the Flash, but for that price, I figured it was worth a trial. Not disappointed.

    - App compatibility: I have the Flash synched with a few apps such as runkeeper, myfitnesspal, and others. It seems to not yet be compatible with more native services like Google fit, or Samsung S Health. This seems to be an opportunity missed. But there are plenty of alternatives. The diet losgs of the working apps sync back to the misfit app, as well, giving a more rounded picture of health within the misfit app.

    I think the accessories could use some better, more secure design, if only for confidence that you won't lose the thing. But overall I am very pleased with the unit, and find myself relying on it considerably.

  • crozzy·

    Definitely not water resistant as claimed by Misfit. I had to have my kids' ones replaced after they took them into the pool and splashed around a bit. When I contacted Misfit they said that although they are water resistant to 30 metres, it doesn't mean that they can be taken into the water. So really 'water resistant to 30 metres' actually means 'not in the slightest bit water resistant'. Not really what I'm looking for in a tracker that is supposed to record swimming.

  • Kyobouryuu·

    The ethics of this company are dubious and they have no issues with lieing to and misleading their customers. When I purchased the Misfit Flash it was advertised as waterproof till 30m. This feature was one of the main reason's both my friend and I decided to purchase this product. It would appear though that this information is incorrect. Some time after I purchased the device, my friend's device stopped working after being submerged in water. We returned to the site we purchased the product from only to find out that Misfit has since changed the products description.

    This product is now advertised as water resistant up to 30m and not in fact waterproof. While this will certainly help manage client expectations going forward, it certainly doesn't help me as I have now in essence bought a product I would not have initially purchased because the main criteria I was looking for in a fitness device was the waterproof feature.

    I contacted Misfit regarding this issue and have basically been informed that yes, the updated information is true. This means that I purchased the product based on false information that was originally supplied by the company. Basically I have been defrauded by them and their solution to the problem is to apologize for any 'inconvenience' this may have caused. So basically it's ok to be cheated as long as the company apologizes for the 'inconvenience' of it after the fact. 

  • clete·

    On just day 3 I was washing a car and my Flash stop working. Removed the battery and a few days later it worked until I took a shower. Definitely not water resistant! Waiting on my replacement. Hope the replasement is water resistant. Misfit needs to look into their claim of being water resistant to 30M.

  • slcreek·

    I just placed my order for MisFit Flash!  Now I am seeing these reviews and wondering???  Lots of people are complaining about bands breaking or the disc falling out of the band and being lost!  I am wanting to know if any of these should happen to me, what can of plan do you have in place to replace my item?

    • Michael619·

      I bought a more expensive band on the misfit website. more like a watch wristband. It helps.

  • Michael619·

    My girlfriend and I have had the flash about 6 weeks now. (It) Tracks exercise just fine and I have had no issues in the water. However I noticed hers tracked her sleep and mine wasn't. I thought it was broken and convinced Best Buy to give me a new one. The new is the same, and does not track my sleep at all. So I switched the flash with my girlfriends for the night and I still showed no sleep with her flash but mine recorded a full night of sleep for the first time  while on her wrist. Now I am at a loss. 

  • Zhanat·

    Misfit customer service is non-existent! 

    Think twice before buying thier product. My Shine stopped finctioning on March 20. After coupke of weeks of emailing back and forth, they agreed to replace it. I am still waiting it's been three months bow!!! 

    I am beyond frustration and disappointment. Paid about 200$ for this piece and cannot even get my money back! 


  • Randall216·

    It is not by any means waterproof. I got mine back in February and had no problems with it until Monday.It showed full on the battery until a few weeks ago, when it went down to high. Then Monday I got caught in a heavy rainstorm for a few minutes. I was soaked from head to toe. Right after I got inside out of the rain, i checked my Misfit Flash and it seemed to be working fine. A few hours later, though, nothing lit up when I tried to check my progress and it would not sync to the app on my phone. When I finally got it to work again and I synced it, the app said my battery was extremely low and should be replaced. I took out the battery to test it and my volt meter showed that the 3 volt battery still had about 2.7 volts. The misfit flash and water most assuredly do not mix.

  • 214cayman·

    I have owned 3 Misfit Flash units. The 1st and 3rd units worked for less than 2 months, and then would not restart following insertion of a new battery! The third unit was a replacement for the first unit, and worked for about eight months. So actually went through 2-3 batteries before not restarting upon insertion of a new battery!!! I do like the informatoin the unit provide, but their service level is far below that which I will continue using such units. I never swam with any of the units and I always play tennis with the unit on my left arm, thus they have never been subjected to severe conditions!

  • Lyndap·

    So this is really waterproof ??? 

  • Thebeeli·

    Does anyone know how to unlock an Android phone with my Misfit?

  • Parthibhan·

    I lost my Misfit flash, and tried to find out but i could not. My friend is willing to sell his Misfit device to me, can i create a new account and sync his device to my smart phone and use it? Please suggest. 

  • gem·

    Worst fitness tracker in the world. I bought a Shine and returned it. Then got a Flash as a gift. It's cheap, works poorly, has terrible data app. The way it tells time is simply ridiculous and inaccurate. Can't tell you how much I dislike this thing. I have a Fitbit, which is much better. The only good thing about Misfit is you can disguise it with a Swarovski crystal or rhinestone case. 

  • paradiseag·

    Bought 2 Flash trackers. Never got 1 to sync, other worked for 4 days and now has quit. I've spent about a month trying to get these to work! Not happening, so will send them where they belong - the trash! Very disappointed.

  • washdup·

    I just received my third misfit flash. I lost the first one after two weeks because the strap fell off; but it worked great until I lost it. So I bought a replacement. The second one died after two days of use. I tried again--received the third one yesterday, wore it swimming today, and after 30 minutes in the pool it's dead.